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Let's Tell It Like It Is. . .
In 1955 rock and roll was still a secret. Then, in 1956, a little-noticed film, "Rock Around The Clock," debuted and put rock and roll on the map. In 1972 reggae was just another anonymous Caribbean rhythm. Then, in 1973, the film "The Harder They Come" opened to scant audiences. Its soundtrack, published in late '72, seduced listeners around the world (including many R&B fans) and made reggae a phenomenon. In 2018 Southern Soul music is at such a crossroads, poised to break out, if only a filmmaker could find the means to tackle the subject in spectacular fashion. Your Daddy B. Nice's fantasy is a fast-moving, Tarantino-esque panorama of the most feverish moments in chitlin' circuit concerts, with Southern Soul stars in their prime at their most climactic concert peaks, with women screaming and baring their bodies and men out of their minds with inebriated joy--an R-rated, chitlin' circuit version of the "Beatles At Shea Stadium." Until that joyous day, Southern Soul fans will have to fend for themselves in exploring the genre, and Daddy B. Nice's Links page is able and willing to help.


The Boogie Report
Jerry Mason's "The Boogie Report" has long been the standard for Southern Soul music websites. In the last few years it has evolved into a social media site for enthusiasts of the genre.


WMPR out of Jackson, Mississippi. the capital city of Southern Soul, is our favorite Southern Soul radio station, and it now offers high-quality streaming. Although online service can be erratic, the station's schedule is as close to full-time, local-color Southern Soul music as you will find anywhere. (Link updated 7/12/12.)


Based in Lexington, Mississippi, the heart of the Delta, WAGR is the "new kid on the block" in southern soul radio, hosted by fantastic deejays like DJ Big Money and the Dirty DJ. Gospel music under the guidance of former WMPR staff-member Isaac Lindsay airs during the weekdays, with cutting-edge southern soul music with DJ Big Money broadcasting Tuesday and Friday nights and all day Saturdays.


Soul Blues Music (formerly Blues Critic)
Blues Critic is a content-rich site specializing in today's under-the-radar blues and soul musicians. Our favorite department, "Soul Blues Artists," contains rare, finely-detailed discographies.


Chico's Radio
Chico's Radio is back on the air, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cutting-edge, new southern soul music.


Ecko Records
Over the last fifteen years this Memphis Southern Soul recording label owned by writer/producer/multi-instrumentalist John Ward has produced more quality southern soul albums than any other.


Southern Soul Paradise
Southern Soul Paradise is an entertaining blog featuring appreciations of Southern Soul songs past and present (mostly present). (Link updated 8/14/12.


Soul Express
Soul Express, based in Finland, is a phenomenally rich information site, with literate, intensively-researched articles on Southern Soul and other R&B artists. Columnist Heikki Suosalo's Southern Soul profiles are particularly recommended.


IntoDeep Music
IntoDeep is a European site that is surprisingly knowledgeable about contemporary Southern Soul.


Da Dawg Pound
Big K9 attends a lot of Southern Soul concerts, and he takes a lot of pictures. Need we say more? Oh--and by the way--the Big Dawg has established himself as Southern Soul's most consistent and informative concert reviewer. (Link updated 8/14/12.


CDS Records
Dylan DeAnna's California-based label, specializing in soul-blues.


American Blues Network
American Blues Network is quickly rising in the 24/7 Southern Soul Internet radio mix. Best time to listen: Saturday mornings for their top singles countdown. (Link updated 8/14/12.)


Moonman Radio
DJ Moonman broadcasts over the Internet from the "most powerful city in the world," Washington D.C. (Link updated 9/5/12.)


Soul Tracks
Say you're a Southern Soul fan but you want to step back into the (non-hiphop-rap) old-school or classic soul world of which Southern Soul is just a part. Soul Tracks is your site.


The Soul Basement (Home of former 'In The Basement' magazine')
Soul music's quality quarterly, essential reading for the real soul fan. Each issue contains at least 76 pages packed with features based around up-to-date interviews, discographies, masses of cd reviews, dvd and book reviews, news, views, gig reports and much more.


Sir Shambling's Deep Soul
Sir Shambling specializes in Deep Soul and recordings from below the Mason-Dixon line between 1960 and 1980, and more. Boasts an exhaustive and ever-growing list of "independent" soul artists.


Randy's Rodeo
Unique and highly-informative window onto the mainstream music scene, with an obsesssion for detail and an editorial generosity that is breathtaking. For instance, the Southern Soul fan can quickly find the best books on Rhythm & Blues, or thumb through the latest mainline stories featured in "Rolling Stone."


Red Kelly's Blog: The "B" Side/ A Celebration Of The Other Side
Your Daddy B. Nice stumbled upon this site quite unawares. It contains a goldmine of information on R&B artists and is highly recommended.


Southern Soul Radio
Southern Soul Radio offers live deejays Monday through Friday playing the best in Southern Soul music. Now it also has easy and instant access to the music. No downloading of a special music player required.


Get Blues Info
This well-conceived site covers the blues with an emphasis on Southern Soul--a great new addition to the online community in 2009. Of particular interest: links to streaming videos of artists.


Breezy Love Radio
Brand new internet station specializing in Southern Soul, from Breezy Love, a longtime Mississippi deejay who knows her stuff.


Bluez Newz
Features upcoming concerts with full color posters. Producers and performers can upload artwork automatically.


Southern Soul Blues Radio
Good new Southern Soul internet radio station, with an interesting mix of contemporary stars in the rotation.


WDLT Radio/Mobile, Alabama
DJ Nikki Demarks plays Southern Soul and Blues Saturdays from 8 am-2 pm.


Magic 106 Radio/Pensacola, Florida
DJ Nikki Demarks plays Southern Soul and Blues on Saturday nights from 7 pm-12 pm.


Southern Soul Corner w/ The Soul Dog
The even-handed and knowledgeable "Soul Dog" Neal Furr writes a monthly column commenting on recent Southern Soul activity from his beachhead at, the Beach Music website based in the Carolinas.


Chris Lange's Soul And Blues
One of the longest-running and finest northern European websites covering Southern Soul music, maintained by Swiss native Chris Lange. Check out the site's page on American R&B stations.


Silky Soul Blues
A new Southern Soul site (2013) with streaming radio and a refreshing mix of the new and obscure.


Blues Time In The City With R-R-R-Rojene Bailey
Rojene Bailey's excellent website and streaming radio offers Southern Soul to a blues-based audience in an up-to-date, sophisticated mix of old and new.



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