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July 15, 2024:

Daddy B. Nice's News & Notes

Johnnie Taylor

A biography of Johnnie Taylor has appeared. Surprisingly, it's the first written narrative on the godfather of contemporary southern soul. In the nineties the former Stax star/Malaco recording artist was the most frequently played singer on the radio stations of the Deep South and the most sought-after act on the chitlin' circuit, anchoring the highest-ranking position (#1) on Daddy B. Nice's original Top 100 Chart of Southern Soul Artists and influencing an entire generation of new southern soul performers. Good Love!, Taylor's eighth album for Malaco, reached number one on the Billboard Top Blues Albums chart (No. 15 R&B), becoming the biggest record in Malaco's history.

I Believe in You: The Incredible Journey of R&B Legend Johnnie Taylor was written by Gregory M. Hasty, with the assistance of T.J. Hooker Taylor, one of Taylor's far-flung children and a contemporary southern soul artist familiar to today's fans. In addition to Archway Publishing (click link above), the book is available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. For review copies or interview requests contact Archway Marketing Services at 1-812-358-7483 or

Southern Soul On The Beach

When I heard about the 2nd Annual Blues & Southern Soul Getaway (October 1st-5th) I naturally thought, "Oh, another cruise." Just about every southern soul performer from T.K. Soul (in the early days) to Jeter Jones (recently) has dipped their toes in the water, so to speak, of cruise packages featuring fellow artists leaving the U.S. for Caribbean getaways with shiploads of fans eager to see them perform and spend off-time just hanging out. But I was puzzled by this trip to Jamaica featuring West Love, Big Yayo, Terry Wright, FPJ, King Fred, Mr. Smoke, Magic One & Big Mel. There was no port of departure listed in any of the flyers. Finally, after checking around I wondered, "Are they flying direct?" And that, as it happens, is the case---a first in my experience---although the fact that this is the "2nd Annual" such direct-flight event presumes at least one prior and maybe others.

Your Daddy B. Nice hasn't been especially kind or accommodating to cruises. I don't feature them on the Concert Calendar, and a couple of years ago when one of my younger brothers told me he and his wife were contemplating a cruise, I talked him out of it, telling him I didn't like spending a lot of time on boats nearly as much as spending a lot of time wriggling my toes in the sand. And I've done a lot of that in the Caribbean, including my favorite "paradise," Playa del Carmen, back in the day before the big hotels when it was filled only with a few German tourists sleeping in hammocks on the beach and going topless. I used to dream of a family reunion in Mexico. Hah! That was never going to happen! And nowadays I'm too blind to even get to my family reunion in a neighboring state! But southern soul, sand and margaritas under a palapa in the Jamaican sand? That sounds like my kind of vacation.

CD Baby & My CD Store

Recently I came across a YouTube video of Carl Marshall's "I Lived It All". This is one of those remarkable songs I've long championed, even mentioning it in a "News & Notes" column on "southern soul country" earlier this year. It had been posted only three months ago and had only 295 views, but the fact that it was posted at all, a couple of decades after its original release, was significant, and what intrigued me even more was that it was posted to YouTube by CD Baby. Now the very name CD Baby seems outmoded, just as the title of your Daddy B. Nice's CD Store does. After all, you can't even buy CD players anymore. But years ago CD Baby was the go-to site to buy southern soul albums (like Apple and Amazon today). Now CD Baby no longer sells albums and instead operates more like Music Access.

Similarly, my CD Store is a skeleton of what it once was, riddled with links to albums formerly retailed by CD Baby but since de-activated, along with no longer active links to early CD Universe and Barnes & Noble pages. When a reader clicks the link to buy the album...poof! it's gone. Many of these albums are now rare and out of print. Although the CD Store is sprinkled with new (and some older) offerings with active and/or intact links to buy, it can be frustrating. So I've considered phasing out my CD Store too. However, it's still a valuable map to the way things were in southern soul in the last twenty years. At the least, potential buyers can quickly click the album links of an artist's catalog and, if the page is no longer available, move onto eBay and elsewhere (at often sky-high prices). But that too is a good sign for southern soul---an indication of its popularity, tradition and staying power.

Geographical Notes Of Interest (Contained In Recent Songs)

"Back Roads"---Curt The Countryman

I never knew that Tennessee had neon lights
And it gets so cold in this weather I can't sleep at night

Ride---Jali The Gentleman

I say she got an accent from Alabama
But she born and raised out in Mississippi

Good New Mixtape Deejay

For the industry types and diehard fans who constantly want "More, more, more!" when it comes to new music---who never met a batch of unknown tracks they didn't want to explore---I recommend a good new YouTube deejay: DJ Dirty Baby. If you like DJ Haynes, DJ Dirty Baby has the same style of presentation. He's no-nonsense and keeps the music rolling. And he's productive, with seemingly endless videos. On a recent outing he was playing the new one by P2K, a new guy named Boulevard Red w/ "Donkey Kong," another guy named Malcom Simmons w/ "Love Potion," Mr. Smoke's new one "Rodeo" and a lady named Tia Cotillia w/ a good new song called "Just Friends". Here's DJ Dirty Baby's newest "new music Monday":

Listen to New Music Monday (July 8th 2024) Southern Soul by DJ Dirty Baby.

Southern Soul Artists In Strange Places

Pokey Bear with old-school funksters Bootsy Collins, Zapp and Jagged Edge at the African-American Festival in the Huntington Center, Toledo, Ohio July 20th.

Jeter Jones at the Louisville Jazz Fest---yes you read that right, it is not a typo--- with "jazz" artists Saturday, August 3rd in Louisville, Kentucky.

Wouldn't you love to be in a funk audience and soak up the first impressions when Pokey comes onstage and does his thing? And wouldn't you pay double to see Jeter perform in front of an audience of fastidious jazz fans? It's hard to imagine. And yet, click the ticket link in the Concert Calendar and you'll find an entire effusive page devoted almost exclusively to Jeter Jones. This is good for the genre and good for the mainstream audiences being acclimated to southern soul. Nellie "Tiger" Travis, Sir Charles and many others have logged similar cross-genre venues.

---Daddy B. Nice

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July 5, 2024:


An expanded list of the songs vying for "Top Ten Singles" in July 2024.

1. "Take It Slow"---Tucka
2. "Whatcha Know"---F.P.J.
3. "100 Missed Calls"---Young Guy
4. "Love Me No More"---Tee Dee Young
5. "Cruising With The Top Down"---T. Bryant
6. "Blues Paradise"---F.P.J.
7. "$$ Looking Good"---Highway Heavy feat. Robert Butler & Johnny James
8. "Touch It"---Tara Keith
9. "Fallay Party"---Uncle Fallay
10. "Ride"---JaLi The Gentleman

11. "She Got That Cougar Love"---Mr. Willy feat. Ms. Jody
12. "Texas Grown"---C-Mo Smooth
13. "Summer Time"---Jack Forte
14. "Sweet Love"---Frank Johnson feat. King George
15. "Southern Soul Jam"---A.G. Thomas
16. "Trail Ride Slide (Remix)"---Honey Gurl feat. Jeter Jones & JFly Barber
17. "Shame On Me"---Tucka
18. "Sipping And Thinking"---Bigg Robb
19. "Spoil Me"---Official Boosie feat. King George
20. "Can I Tell On Me"---Fat Daddy

21. "Mr. Truck Driver"---Young Guy
22. "Party In The Country"---T. Bryant
23. "Dangerous Love"---Catt Daddy feat. Jalesa McRae
24. "Step In This Party"---Solomon Thompson
25. "If I Put This Thang On Ya"---Sweet Nay
26. "Trail Ride Love"---Avail Hollywood
27. "She Ready"---Jeter Jones
28. "Good Love Recipe"---Mr. Bowleggs
29. "Stop Fussin'"---Joe Nice
30. "Shake With Those Fries"---Lamar Brace

31. "Lied On Me"---Curt The Country Man
32. "Lotto"---Ronnie Bell
33. "Forever And Ever"---Roi "Chip" Anthony feat. Keith Sweat
34. "Can't Run Me"---Nephew Jones
35. "Big Steppin'"---Toy Toy feat. Love Jesse
36. "I Got My Hands Up"---Coco Wade
37. "Just Wanna Party"---Chill Will
38. "Trying To Love Two Ain't Easy"---Rick Lawson
39. "Spinnin'"---Gentry-Jones
40. "Southern Soul Party"---Sheila B. Sexi

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June 16, 2024:

Daddy B. Nice's News & Notes

Jackson, Mississippi's "Ellis Avenue" Renamed...


In the hierarchy of fame few honors are more prestigious than having a municipal street named after you. It's a tribute usually reserved for presidents and politicians. And yet, at 1 pm on Wednesday, May 29, 2024, at the Cadence Bank at 1005 Ellis Avenue, Jackson, Mississippi, the blues and southern soul music's last remaining superstar from the Johnnie Taylor/B.B. King/Tyrone Davis generation was feted with a street-sign unveiling transforming Jackson's north/south artery through the heart of this largely black city from Ellis Avenue to Bobby Rush Boulevard.

When I heard the news everything stopped for me. I'd encountered one of those "it's a small world" moments that, like the Dude's rug in "The Big Lebowski," ties one's life together. For it was in the hotel at the northwest corner of I-20 and Ellis Avenue in south Jackson in the late nineties and early aughts that I got my street-wise doctorate in southern soul.

It was situated on the hill just north of the I-20 interchange, and to this day I cannot remember its name, although I can remember Ellis Avenue as if it were yesterday. Kitty-corner across the highway was a supermarket where I was introduced to packaged chitlin's (on a rack, just like potato chips!) and---and, although it isn't culturally correct to say so anymore---more chicken products than I had seen in a lifetime.

The hotel I stayed in on Ellis was a national chain, at least in those years. It had a large, two story building in front with a big convention ballroom, surrounded by a parking lot with a L-shaped perimeter of one story rooms, two connected rooms of which I would rent as a suite for less than a hundred dollars a day. B.B. King had a permanently-reserved two-story room in that complex. His band would stay on the ground floor and King on the top floor. Of course I didn't find that out until years later, when I had become something of a regular.

What was I doing on Ellis Avenue? I was recording southern soul music on cassette tapes on a couple of boomboxes (like the one Radio Raheem carries in Spike Lee's "Do The Right Thing"). I'd shut myself in, hardly going out to eat, stuffing cassette after cassette into the boombox 24/7. Waking up in the middle of the night and popping in a fresh cassette (or turning it around, as old-timers used to do), trying to cram it all into two or three days. And it was in those wee hours of the night where I encountered Uncle Bobo, the deejay version of producer Senator Jones, the pivotal figure in contemporary southern soul who opened the door that Jackson's Malaco Records had shut on Sir Charles Jones. And some of my most cherished memories are of Uncle Bobo playing early Sir Charles cuts (probably just mastered) at 3 and 4 am in the morning, gushing in ecstasy over the results.

Charles Evers' radio station WMPR, located not far away, was the only station in the South that played southern soul on a consistently daily basis (along with gospel in the mornings). Its signal came through with a cathedral-like sound on Ellis Avenue. And not much farther away was the Suit Store, home for celebrity black clothing, but that too came later for me. I recorded it all: music, public service announcements and commercials, including the unsinkable Reverend Mother Walker, the Deep South's answer to psychiatrists.

But as voracious for the culture as I was in those days, it never occurred to me to go to a club or concert. I was totally preoccupied and infatuated with the sound of the records, and trying to figure out if southern soul was a "thing". Anything else---people, small talk---was pretty much out of the question.
Music on the internet was in its infancy. There was no YouTube, there were no websites, and even when I succeeded in finding the name of an artist who went with a particular song---for instance "Let's Straighten It Out" by Latimore---I had to continue my investigation into whether it was "just out" or an "oldie". I knew nobody and nothing.

And yet it was in those days of blissful mystery and discovery on Ellis Avenue---longggg before the idea of a platform like Daddy B. Nice's Southern Soul ever entered my brain---that my passion for southern soul ran its purest. All I cared about was finding some new songs to take me through the next month or two. (That's right, close readers---the genesis for what would become the Top 10 Singles.) And I approached it with the fever pitch of a convert. And, frankly, still do. Only now, twenty-five years later, I know everybody, including Bobby Rush, and pretty much everyone knows me. How things have changed. And the onetime folk-funkster? He's now the Dean of All Bluesmen. And Ellis Avenue? Well, it now goes by the name of Bobby Rush Boulevard. How amazing! How fitting!

Congratulations, Bobby Rush!!!

Listen to Bobby Rush singing "Up In Here" on YouTube.

Listen to Bobby Rush singing "Bare Mouth Woman" on YouTube.

Buy Bobby Rush's "Night Fishin'" album at Apple.

Read Daddy B. Nice's Artist Guide to Bobby Rush.

And in other news...

Speaking of harmonica-playing Bobby Rush, watch for a history-setting concert this fall in Greenville, Mississippi: King George and Bobby Rush on the same bill September 21st. Bigg Robb will be honored July 27th in the Black Music Walk of Fame. William Bell's "You Don't Miss Your Water," published by Stax Records in 1961, has made the Grammy Hall of Fame song list. The awards span all genres and eras.

And more on touring...

Another concert tidbit. Quite a few southern soul concerts are selling out in advance. So far your Daddy B. Nice hasn't been listing these venues on the Concert Calendar, but I'm open to readers' preferences. July 4th arrives on Thursday this year, and it will be a monster weekend for live outdoor southern soul. I don't post ticket prices on the Concert Calendar, but I just had to share this one as an outstanding bargain: Jeter Jones, J'Cenae, Adrian Bagher, Jeff Floyd, P2K and Coldrank: $25 for all day long. The gig takes place Sunday, July 7th in New Albany, Mississippi. The reason for the low price is probably the location. I'd guess New Albany is a good two-hour round trip from either Jackson or Memphis, the nearest cities.

--Daddy B. Nice

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June 4, 2024:


An expanded list of the songs vying for "Top Ten Singles" in June 2024.

1. "I'll Beg"---Stacii Adams
2. "One More Day"---Ciddy Boi P
3. "I'm Soul Country"---Black Koffee
4. "Tell Me Baby"---B.J. Moodswing
5. "The New Jody"---Ced Wade feat. Ciddy Boi P
6. "(Two) Faces"---Catt Daddy
7. "Under There"---Hisyde
8. "Sorry"---Ty Daniels feat. Boss Lady
9. "Just Won't Break"---Sky Whatley feat. Tonio Armani
10. "My Kind Of Man"---Crystal Thomas

11. "Cheating On Me"---Magic One
12. "Where The Party At?"---Lacee
13. "I Can't Choose"---Sir Charles Jones
14. "Slow Hand"---Big Yayo
15. "Soul Party In VA"---Souja Kwan
16. "What You Won't Do"---Mr. Boo Leggs
17. "Do U Wanna"---Mr. Magic
18. "Stepping And Swinging"---Magic One
19. "Cornbread Fed"---Mr. Beatz
20. "What's It Going To Be?"---Boss Lady feat. Ty Daniels

21. "Juke Joint Lover"---Joe Nice & Nelson Curry
22. "The BK Shuffle"---Black Koffee

(DBN notes: Also see #3 single "I'm Soul Country" by Black Koffee, the same song.)

23. "Back To The Streets"---Sunshine The Singer
24. "Cut Up"---Dolla Bill Dodson
25. "Too Young For Me"---J. Red The Nephew
26. "Hey Pretty Lady"---Cuz Band
27. "Are You Serious?"---Arthur Young
28. "I Ain't Gone Spill No Drank"---Cupid
29. "Hey Mr. DJ"---Teeza
30. "Come And Play"---Miss Storm

31. "I Will"---J-Wonn
32. "He Lied"---J'Cenae
33. "Country Boys"---Big Yayo feat. LaMorris Williams
34. "Cafe Messie"---Shonta Greer feat. Messie C
35. "I Can't Walk Away"---Mz. Suga
36. "Lying On Me"---Jo-Us Band
37. "Keeper Not A Sweeper"---Lonne G
38. "Dump Truck"---Terry B
39. "Man Of Mine"---Mz. Dria
40. "I Wanna Love"---Mose Stovall

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May 19, 2024:

Daddy B. Nice's News & Notes:

Record-Setting Mother's Day Weekend Crowds Presage Big Revenue Summer For Southern Soul

To name just a few of the top revenue-generating festivals from this past Mother's Day Weekend, Tucka's second annual, 48-hour Tucka James Music Fest took place at the Evangeline Downs Casino Event Center in Opelousas, Louisiana, featuring Lenny Williams, Fat Daddy, Mz. Suga, Big Pokey Bear, Mr. Hot Topic, Dee Dee Simon, Mr. Smoke & J. Paul Jr, while down the road at Parc International in Lafayette, Louisiana, Cupid entertained the crowds at the Spring Swing Music Festival with Roi "Chip" Anthony, Chris Ardoin & J.J. Caillier.

The redoubtable Sir Charles Jones held court at Rock Hill, South Carolina's Southern Soul Mother's Day Extravaganza while Big Yayo performed at the newly booming and revamped V.I.P. Center on Elvis Presley Boulevard in Memphis, assisted by Big John Cummings, David Sylvester, O. Emmons, Zach McGhee & Cassandra The Soul Child. The event was hosted by deejay personality Jazzii A.

The Jay Morris Group headlined a stellar bill including three of the most accomplished songstresses in southern soul---J'Cenae, Karen Wolfe & Carolyn Staten---along with newcomer Big Mel in Monroe, Louisiana's Richwood Park. Meanwhile, L.J. Echols and Narvel Echols (no relation) were entertaining fans on a multi-act bill held at the Civic Auditorium in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

The grounds at Forrest City, Arkansas's Larry Bryant Multi-Purpose Center hosted a capacity crowd for performances by Cecily Wilborn, Jeter Jones. L.J. Echols, Marcellus The Singer, & FPJ while over at Hattiesburg, Mississippi's Multi-Purpose Center Fairground, fans were feted by Pokey Bear, West Love, Jay Morris Group, Young Guy, FPJ, J-Wonn, PC Band & Lady Trucker, with WMPR Jackson's DJ Ragman among the celebrity hosts.

The Mother's Day festivities were preceded by an unprecedented number of Easter holiday bashes, from the King George-headlined Gateway Blues Festival in St. Louis to the The Good Friday "Blues You Can Use" shindig in Fairhope, Alabama to the Blues Is Alright Tour in Indianapolis to the Aries Celebration at the Vicksburg City Auditorium to the Latimore & Lenny Williams-headlined Grown Folks Blues Party in Greenville, South Carolina to the Pre-Easter Bash in Monroe LA. to the Easter Sunday Blues Extravaganza starring Jeter Jones, Tucka, Ms. Jody, Lenny Williams, Tre Williams & Arthur Young at the Liddell Ranch in Utica, Mississippi. From MLK to Valentine's Day to Spring Fling and on through Memorial Day, Father's Day and the heart of the summer, concerts are the lifeblood and payday for southern soul artists, and for every major venue starring southern soul's top-grossing performers there are dozens of smaller venues catering to aspiring musicians eager to make it to the top of the genre.

Jackson Music Awards

Award shows are proliferating like kudzu on utility lines, but none have been around longer than the Jackson (MS.) Music Awards, hosted by the city where I learned to recognize and cherish southern soul music. The 50th (that's right, the "Golden") Jackson Music Awards takes place July 29th. The theme is “A Night Like No Other, Celebrating the Best of The Best”. The honorees are Bobby Rush, The BarKays, Dorothy Moore, Benny Latimore & Lenny Williams. The performers are Lenny Williams, Latimore, Cecily Wilborn, S. Dott & Bre Wooten. The event will take place at the Jackson Convention Center’s Trustmark Ballroom. For information call 601-862-6629.

The Heights & The Depths According to Sir Charles

Having a hard day? So it goes, even for the best of us.

The Heights:

"Don't be hating on me
Because I'm blessed.
I'm the K-I-N-G of southern soul.
Birmingham, Alabama
Is where I come from.
Just a little country boy
That went #1.
Like Biggie said, baby,
It was all a dream.
Little did I know
That I'd be a king.
And the ladies,
They won't leave me alone.
They say, "Oooh we love that pretty boy
Named Sir Charles Jones."
I'm the chosen one.
You can't beat me, boy,
Even in your dreams."

The Depths:

"Driving down Highway 55
With tears in my eyes,
Pulled over to gain my composure.
I grabbed the gun
And put it to my head,
Thinking about my life.
What have I to live for?
Because everything's going wrong.
And all the fortune and fame.
So many depend on me.
Using and taking and using,
And don't know what's wrong with me.
Oh Lord, forgive me.
And I began to cry.
Lord, I'm feeling all alone,
So alone."


David Brinston has been inducted into the Alabama Blues Hall of Fame. Crystal Thomas has returned to her southern soul roots with a new single inspired by West Love's "Southern Man". It's called "My Kind Of Man". Robert "The Duke" Tillman will make a rare appearance June 1st in Selma, Alabama. Uncle Fallay, formerly known as Lil' Fallay, has returned to recording, as has the Jo-Us Band, with a new song titled "Lying On Me". Long-absent Rick Lawson has also returned to the recording studio with a new single titled "Trying To Love Two Ain't Easy".

Arthur Young has published a new version of Tyrone Davis' "Are You Serious?" Meanwhile, Willie Clayton has recorded a new cover of Al Green's "Tired Of Being Alone". And perhaps influenced by the success of the 2023 Sean Dolby/Nelson Curry remix of Mel Waiter's "Got My Whiskey," Joe Nice & Nelson Curry have paired up on a lyrical redo of Marvin Sease's "Candy Licker" called "Juke Joint Lover".

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May 5, 2024:


An expanded list of the songs vying for "Top Ten Singles" in May 2024.

1. "Back Road"---Curt The Country Man feat. Marcellus The Singer
2. "Can't Make 'Em"---Koffee Bean feat. Jeter Jones
3. "Fishing Hole"---Ciddy Boi P
4. "Take You Out Tonight"---T-Man
5. "Jeans And Boots"---Country Boy
6. "On Ya Feet"---Big Mel
7. "Body Roll, Fast Or Slow"---Narvel Echols
8. "In Love With You"---B.J. Moodswing
9. "No Way"---Sheba Potts-Wright feat. L.J. Echols
10. "On The Way"---Big Nick J

11. "Do Me"---Marcellus The Singer
12. "Mama Don't Worry"---ERealist feat. Big Mel
13. "Found My Peace"---Breeze MrDo2Much
14. "One More Day"---Ciddy Boi P
15. "She Wants That Money"---Mr. House feat. Ciddy Boi P
16. "Karma"---Cecily Wilborn
17. "Party At Home"---Sean Dolby feat. Ms. Nikita & Joe Nice
18. "Tell Me Baby"---B.J. Moodswing
19. "Hole In The Wall"---Lamar Brace
20. "Better Man"---Curt The Country Man

21. "Follow Me"---Lacee feat. J-Wonn
22. "I'm With You"---Dee Dee Simon
23. "Let Me See It"---Gold Gillis feat. Narvel Echols
24. "Good Time"---Tamara "Mz Hollywood" McClain feat. Audi Yo
25. "Put That Thang On Me"---Nelson Curry
26. "Fed Up"---Ronnie "Rude" Perkins feat. Lacee
27. "You Can't Use Me"---Freaky B 2.0
28. "If I Step Out"---Lisa Denevo feat. Ciddy Boi P
29. "Big Boi Stroke"---Big "Ro" Williams
30. "Country Girl"---The Signature Band

31. "Red Rooster"---Coldrank
32. "Club House"---Rico C
33. "You Don't Have To Down Me"---Son Of Soul
34. "Feel Sumthin'"---Zach Stewart McGee & Dolla Bill Dodson
35. "Party Ride"---Lamar Brace
36. "Loving Girl"---Rylo
37. "Summertime Fine"---Cadillac Man
38. "Love Me No More"---Tee Dee Young
39. "Big Girl World"---Gwen Yvette
40. "I Put A Claim On That Thing"---Jesse James feat. Millie Jackson

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April 15, 2024:

Daddy B. Nice's News & Notes

Will Southern Soul Deejays Play Country Western/Southern Soul?

(We Discuss Two Months Later.)

February's "News & Notes" asking if southern soul deejays are playing or will play countrified southern soul drew an overwhelmingly positive response. As one deejay wrote, "The fans are comfortable with country music because it is a parallel genre to Southern Soul. Because of the explosion of Trailride music it does fit well." I might add that in addition to trail-ride, southern soul has welcomed funk (Nellie Travis's "Mr. Sexy Man"), zydeco (T.K. Soul's "Zydeco Bounce") and hip-hop (Joe Nice & Sean Dolby's "Take Your Time") into its inclusionary tent with results that have energized the genre.

Why does "country" sound so good right now? There's a lot of emotive power coming through. Sometimes branching into fresh styles frees recording artists from the constraints that---unconsciously or consciously---make the music too familiar and formulaic. Certainly that was the case with Nellie Travis's "Mr. Sexy Man". That brash, biting, funk/disco guitar riff was as shocking in a southern soul playlist in 2013 as Curt The Country Man's "Back Road" is today, and yet it elevated Travis's career to a stature unthinkable before.

Am I advocating for every southern soul artist to record "country"-style? Please no! By no means. What I'm advocating is something every fan wishes for. What do we want? To be surprised. This "country" thing has been building momentum for some time. Only think of songs like "Country Boy Remix" (Chu'Zu, Vince Tucker & Jeter Jones), "Down In The Country" (Stan Butler, West Love) and "Country Girl" (Jus Epik, Money Waters.) Nor is there anything truly new under the sun, even in our beloved southern soul. Check out Carl Marshall's "I've Lived It All" (1999).

Speaking of country, not to mention zydeco, 39 years ago the Lake Charles native and accordionist Sidney Simien, better known as Rockin' Sidney, had a Top 20 hit on the country charts with a song called My Toot Toot"" (aka "Don't Mess With My Toot Toot"). The tune had already been a smash in New Orleans and the Delta. Covers by Jean Knight and Denise LaSalle soon charted on the pop and R&B charts. To say it was a boost to LaSalle's career in particular would be an understatement, and she often acknowledged it.

As was evident in her no-show at this year's Best of 2023 awards, where she's perennially a "Best Vocalist" nominee, Tasha Mac---who has been on "sabbatical" of late---is rumored to be back on the southern soul scene soon.

A year after the Dialtone release of his No Soul, No Blues album, Stan Mosley's "Blues Man" remains the sole track available on YouTube. No comment here, as my views are known, but what struck me is the difference in marketing between the "major" independents and southern soul labels. NO SOUL NO BLUES, for those who missed it, features one of the all-time, southern soul wailers backed by one of the greatest live soul bands ever assembled. Imagine southern soul in an alternate universe. (Read the review before it's deleted: under "Recently Reviewed," right-hand column of CD Reviews.)

William Bell is no longer with Wilbe (his own longtime label). The Grammy Hall of Famer has signed with Concord.

Jesse James, another seasoned veteran, charted with legendary partner Millie Jackson on Daddy B. Nice's Top 25 Songs of 2011 with the single "Let's Get A Room Somewhere". Then, in 2014, James had the #1 Song of the Year with "I Lost My Baby On Facebook". After a near-decade-long absence he has a new album in the works. The first single will be "I Put A Claim On That Thang," once again teaming with Millie Jackson. The track was first released in 2022.

Cecily Wilborn's "country" style in "Red Cup Blues" reminds me of Ms. Jody when she first appeared. Ms. Jody's first successful radio single was "I Never Take A Day Off," a whiff of pure country if ever there was one, and that sugary country tone has remained in Ms. Jody's vocal arsenal ever since.

Finally, country-style once again topped Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 Singles in April, with Ciddy Boi P's flagrantly country "This Is Texas" in the #1 spot and King George's quasi-country "It's Over" at #2.

---Daddy B. Nice

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April 6, 2024:


An expanded list of the songs vying for "Top Ten Singles" in April 2024.

1. "This Is Texas"---Ciddy Boi P
2. "It's Over"---King George
3. "Keep Pushing"---West Love
4. "Puttin' In Work"---Mr. Jimmy
5. "I Gotta Leave Home"---Mr. Laidback
6. "Swing My Way"---LaMorris Williams
7. "Do You!"---Big Nick J
8. "(He Ain't Gon') Do Right"---Shae Nicole
9. "Goin' Jackie Neal (At The Zydeco)"---Tyree Neal feat. Pokey Bear, C-Loc, Adrian Bagher, Johnny James & Bro Bro)
10. "Ride It"---Mikal feat. Angel Faye Russell

11. "Rub My Head"---Unkle Phunk
12. "Put It In The Bag"---Solomon Thompson
13. "Southern Soul Type Of Lady"---Ciddy Boi P
14. "Can I Vibe"---The Jay Morris Group
15. "Big Ol' Wagon"---Avail Hollywood
16. "No Getting Over Me (Re-Entry)"---Tucka
17. "Blues Paradise"---F.P.J.
18. "Back Road" (Re-Entry)---Curt The Country Man feat. Marcellus The Singer
19. "In Love With You"---B.J. Moodswing
20. "Zydeco Swing"---Eric Hunter aka Mr. Don't Leave

21. "No Poking"---Jeter Jones
22. "Back To The Blues"---Mr. House
23. "We Riding"---Mama Do
24. "Good Time"---Willie Rich
25. "I Hear You Knocking"---Mr. House feat. Ciddy Boi P
26. "Big Bone Girl II"---Ced Wade feat. Willie Clayton
27. "Gumbo Love"---Le'Jit Brothers
28. "Not How It Goes"---Mz. Poochie
29. "Dreamin'"---Rico C. feat. Cupid
30. "Big Boss Moves"---Lady Redtopp

31. "Coming In Hot"---Arthur Young feat. J-Wonn
32. "That's My Man"---Mz. Dria
33. "I'm An Undercover Lover" (Re-Release)---Bobby Rush
34. "Doggone Shucky Ducky""---Anissa Hampton
35. "Every Night"---T.J. Hooker Taylor
36. "Thursday"---Carlin Taylor
37. "Monkey See Monkey Do"---Angel Faye Russell
38. "Good Loving"---Alex Williams
39. "Put That Thang On Me"---Nelson Curry
40. "Hard On Me"---Highway Heavy feat. Dave Mack

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March 7, 2024:


An expanded list of the songs vying for "Top Ten Singles" in March 2024.

1. "Red Cup Blues"---Cecily Wilborn
2. "Back Roads"---GMB Li Curt feat. ShawtyMac
3. "Texas Hold 'Em"---Beyonce
4. "Come Over Baby"---Lady Redtopp feat. Bri Rocket
5. "Let's Get Drunk"---L.J. Echols
6. "Church Girl"---Tex James feat. Stan Butler
7. "You My Man"---Jay Morris Group
8. "Party Tonight"---P2K DaDiddy feat. Urban Mystic
9. "Lost And Found"---Volton Wright feat. Sir Charles Jones
10. "Going Out"---Curt The Country Man feat. Countryboii Tye

11. "Biggest Mama"---Rosalyn Candy
12. "Keep Your Dog On A Short Leash"---Sheila B. Sexi
13. "Big Boss"---Jeter Jones feat. T. Howell
14. "This Is Texas (Beyonce Reply)"---Ciddy Boi P
15. "Chocolate"---Mz Tori feat. Pardeeboy
16. "I Gotta Leave Home"---Mr. Laidback
17. "Rumors"---LaMorris Williams
18. "Got It Going On"---Mike Clark Jr. feat. DJ Trucker & Mr. Hanky
19. "Where They Do That At"---Al Davis feat. Princess LaShelle
20. "Show Me"---Brutha

21. "Rock That Man In The Boat (Remix)"---Chuck Strong
22. "Langadang"---Hambone Bandicoot
23. "Me And My Hennessy"---Sema'J
24. "5-Star Kitty"---Darnell Da Bachelor
25. "Swing My Way"---LaMorris Williams
26. "The Electric Slide"---Klay Redd
27. "Boots On"---Lokey Kountry
28. "Let's Stay Together"---Willie Clayton
29. "Get Loose"---Cecily Wilborn feat. Bre Wooten
30. "I'm So Ready"---Uncle Luck

31. "Tell Me Where You From"---Solomon Thompson
32. "Big Girl World"---Gwen Yvette
33. "Puttin' In Work"---Mr. Jimmy
34. "Ride It"---Mikal feat. Angel Faye Russell
35. "Don't Forget About Me"---Adrian Bagher feat. Big Yayo
36. "Really Love You"---Keneisha feat. Omar Cunningham
37. "Give Me Love"---Melodic Princess
38. "Heaven"---Carlin Taylor
39. "Trailriders Party"---Electrohorse feat. Nigel Perkins
40. "Should've Been Home"---J. Red The Nephew

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February 3, 2024:


An expanded list of the songs vying for "Top Ten Singles" in February 2024.

1. "Swing Out"---West Love
2. "In Front Of Me"---The Jay Morris Group
3. "You Baby"---Marcellus The Singer feat. Cecily Wilborn
4. "Crazy About You"---Derek The Change Man Smith
5. "Put It In Ya Life"---Lil' Runt feat. Jeter Jones
6. "Too Soon"---Kandy Janai
7. "Love Bone"---Donnie Ray
8. "Yo Truck (Ain't Better Than Mine)"---Jeter Jones
9. "Let It Be Said"---J. Lake
10. "Can I Get A Witness?"---LaMorris Williams

11. "Back To Myself"---Karen Wolfe
12. "Mz. Judy"---CuznJed feat. Prince Hodge
13. "Wet Anthem"---Big 251
14. "Southern Soul"---El Willie
15. "Let Me Know"---Big Mel
16. "Why Not?"---J-Wonn
17. "Henn Peck Man"---Lady J
18. "Swing My Way"---Ice Doll feat. Cupid
19. "Loving You Wright"---Champagne Wright feat. Dope Boy Bluez
20. "He Ain't Gone Do Right"---Shae Nycole

21. "God Still Working On Me"---Avail Hollywood
22. "Alone"---King South
23. "Elevator"---Royal D feat. Cupid
24. "Give Him His Papers"---Big G
25. "Yapping"---Summer Wolfe feat. Narvel Echols
26. "Don't Fuck With Me"---Lady Shebazz
27. "Sexy"---Black Diamond
28. "Just Us 2"---Memphis Jackson
29. "Outside"---Mz. Pat feat. Ciddy Boi P
30. "Transition"---Columbus Toy

31. "Make It Rain"---Vick Allen
32. "Baby Come Home"---Mz. Poochie
33. "Living My Life"---Jeff Floyd feat. Roi "Chip" Anthony
34. "You Can Make It"---Maia B
35. "Put It On Me"---Shell-B
36. "Good Good Man"---T.J. Hooker Taylor
37. "Thick Country Girl"---Mr. Laidback
38. "Tootsie"---O.B. Buchana
39. "Ain't Nobody Crazy"---Princess Towanna Murphy
40. "Party People"---Ms. Priscilla feat. Narvel Echols

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January 8, 2024:


An expanded list of the songs vying for "Top Ten Singles" in January 2024.

1. "Until We Meet Again"---Marcellus The Singer
2. "Down In The Sippi"---FaLisa JaNaye
3. "Busted Cheating At The Holiday Inn"---Mr. Midnight
4. "I Can't Live Without You"---Memphis Jackson
5. "Party"---Cecily Wilborn
6. "Let's Get Married Today"---Stan Butler
7. "Cut Friend"---Sky Whatley
8. "Good Tyme"---P2K DaDiddy feat. Frank Johnson
9. "Older Woman"---S. Dott
10. "Sooner Or Later"---Tonio Armani

11. "Trail Ride"---Jonathan Burton
12. "Mr. Right"---Ced Wade feat. Willie Clayton
13. "Let's Ride"---David J
14. "Feenin'"---Urban Mystic
15. "Here For You"---Big Mel
16. "Why Not?"---J-Wonn
17. "Mr. Fix It"---Ty Juan
18. "Rooty Tooty"---Cadillac Cho
19. "Ayyyeeee"---Sean Dolby feat. Dani Dolce
20. "Pull Up On Me"---Keneisha

21. ""Steppin' And Swingin'"---Magic One
22. "Get My Party On"---Meeka Meeka
23. "Big Bone Girl"---Ced Wade feat. Big Mel
24. "How Does It Feel"---Dee Dee Simon
25. "Used To Love Her"---Willie Rich
26. "Show Me That You Love Me"---Delo Brown
27. "Stress Me Out"---Marcellus The Singer
28. "Cafe Shuffle"---MTM Rara
29. "It's U"---Volton Wright feat. Songbird
30. "Glide"---Rosalyn Candy

31. "It Ain't Good For You"---Tyree Neal
32. "Make That Body Roll"---Ciddy Boi P
33. "Wind It Up"---Choppa Law
34. "If You're Ready (Come Go With Me)"---Joe Nice feat. Jonathan Butler
35. "Flow With It"---Meme Yahsal
36. "Club People"---UNYQC
37. "Take You Out Tonight"---T-Man
38. "Don't Get Mad At Jody"---Uncle T
39. "Hot And Spicy"---Gentry-Jones
40. "Grownman"---Rico C

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************* - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide
Or Information for Daddy B. Nice?

under construction...under constant revision

************* - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide
Or Information for Daddy B. Nice?


Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 Souther Soul Singles

Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 "BREAKING" Southern Soul Singles For. . .

-------JULY 2024-------

1. "Take It Slow"-----Tucka

Tucka goes country? Well...Sorta. In a Ray Charles kind of way. (Meaning on his own lofty terms.) And what a gutsy intro! The usual eight bars of instrumental pass, you're anticipating the first words of the vocal, and instead you're treated to another eight bars of gorgeous background dominated by what sounds like a five-thousand-dollar pedal steel guitar. And you're thinking, "Oh yeah, this is Tucka. I gotta get my Al Green ears on. If I can't slow down, I'm not going to appreciate this." And as if on cue, the first words out of Tucka's mouth are: "Take it slow". And he rewards you with one of the most expressive vocals of his career.

Listen to Tucka singing "Take It Slow" on YouTube.

2. "Whatcha Know (About This)"-----F.P.J.

This is one of those club bangers that makes you leap out of your chair tripping over people to get to the dance floor. Husky and dark, FPJ's vocal tone grounds this bubbly groove that otherwise might float away like a kid's balloon and makes it down-to-earth, grown-folks real.

Listen to F.P.J. singing "Whatcha Know" on YouTube.

3. "100 Missed Calls"----Young Guy

You wouldn't know this was the same guy who did "Take Heed". "100 Missed Calls" is light, fast and musically variable (with no voice-overs), by comparison with "Take Heed" mere fluff, yet hours later you'll discover the melody line running through your mind, putting a swing in your gait.

See Young Guy Enters New Generation Chart At #33.

Listen to Young Guy singing "100 Missed Calls" on YouTube.

4. "Love Me No More"----Tee Dee Young

Remarkable old-school southern soul, expertly sung and produced, with gospel music choruses that will thrill anyone who cherishes the interrelatedness of pulpit and stage.

Listen to Tee Dee Young singing "(Why You Don't) Love Me No More"

5. "Cruising With The Top Down"----T. Bryant

Refreshingly straightforward yet romantic debut by a singer with a mahogany-rich vocal tone.

Listen to T. Bryant singing "Cruising With The Top Down" on YouTube.

6. "Blues Paradise"-----F.P.J.

A fine reworking of Johnnie Taylor's "Soul Heaven" by a young singer who dreams the dream of singing his "Po' Me Up Some Mo'" surrounded by his idols, "with us all onstage, standing hand in hand, with nobody trying to hate, nobody trying to 'be a man'".

Listen to F.P.J. singing "Blues Paradise" on YouTube.

7. "$$ Looking Good"-----Highway Heavy feat. Robert Butler & Johnny James

This trio from Highway Heavy's Baton Rouge musical mafia collectively delivers some of the best vocal performances of their careers. That would be the ultimate front-man Robert Butler, the inimitable and lyrically irrepressible Johnny James and Heavy himself with a rap that finally fits perfectly into one of his southern soul vehicles.

Listen to Robert Butler, Johnny James and Highway Heavy singing "$$ Looking Good" on YouTube.

8. "Touch It"----Tara Keith

Debut artist Tara Keith, the lone diva on July's Top 10, hits this one out of the park. A Jesse Redmond (J. Red) production.

Listen to Tara Keith singing "Touch It" on YouTube.

9. "Fallay Party"------Uncle Fallay

Chris Andrus, once known as Lil' Fallay, now known as Uncle Fallay, wants to "get dis' party started!"

Listen to Uncle Fallay singing "Fallay Party" on SoundCloud.

10. "Ride"----JaLi The Gentleman

Another debut with good material and first-rate vocal. "She got an accent from Alabama / But she born and raised in Mississippi..." Who knew? (That accents were that different across the border?)

Listen to JaLi The Gentleman singing "Ride" on YouTube. - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

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Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 "BREAKING" Southern Soul Singles For. . .

-------JUNE 2024-------

1. "I'll Beg"-------Stacii Adams

Finally. An original urban-style song to knock country out of the southern soul conversation for a minute. You know within the first eight bars, as you listen to the overlapping time signatures and the stirring vintage organ, this is a song that'll lift your spirits. And who broke it? None other than Stacii Adams. We had a bit of a falling-out years ago, can't remember what about, maybe my shrugging off his more histrionic R&B (like the Lenny Williams-style "OH-OH-OH" marathon in "I'll Beg"), but man...Stacii balls. He remains true to the profound promise of that organ-luscious intro. You can't ask for more. Kudos also to the wonderful, contrast-painting, female background.

Listen to Stacii Adams singing "I'll Beg" on YouTube.

2. "One More Day"----Ciddy Boi P

Patrick Rodriguez (aka Ciddy Boi P) has been making music in multiple genres for years. Maybe that's why he's been in such demand as a producer-collaborator since his first acclaimed southern soul single, "Can I Get It?" two years ago. This year he's on a creative tear ("This Is Texas," "Fishing Hole" on the last two Top 10's). An old New Edition classic, "One More Day" sets Ciddy Boi's gritty vocalizing against an acoustic guitar as gentle and delicate as The Beatle's "Michelle" while a country steel guitar glides like a magnificent raptor in the background. As southern soul singer Sharnette Hyter has remarked, "You've found your sound."

Listen to Ciddy Boi P singing "One More Day" on YouTube.

3. "I'm Soul Country"-----Black Koffee

Like Stacii Adams' "Don't Beg," this is a refreshing salvo from the urban-sounding corner of the southern soul universe. Don't believe the country title. The instrumental track's biting guitar is as funkadelic as Nellie "Tiger" Travis's "Mr. Sexy Man," and the vocal has the swagger to match. A line-dancer's (and free-dancer's) dream, it feels like you're dancing to a machine-gun.

Listen to Black Koffee singing "I'm Soul Country" on YouTube.

4. "Tell Me Baby"----B.J. Moodswing feat. Dirty D

Second consecutive week on the Top 10 for the accomplished B.J. Moodswing. How swiftly strange names become familiar and ordinary (if the music's good).

Listen to B.J. Moodswing and Dirty D singing "Tell Me Baby" on YouTube.

5. "I'm The New Jody"-----Ced Wade feat. Ciddy Boi P

Before trail rides, back roads and country boys became the rage, there was Jody, the sneaky bastard trying to get into your wife's pants. It's a testament to how much time has passed that Ced Wade's "New Jody" sounds almost unique, although at times you wonder if his vocal is going to collapse. It's all good though and all the more authentic.

Listen to Ced Wade and Ciddy Boi P singing "New Jody" on YouTube.

6. "(Two) Faces"-----Catt Daddy

A little southern soul, a little rock and roll, a pinch of blues guitar and a charismatic southern soul singer to stir the pot.

Listen to Catt Daddy singing "(Two) Faces" on YouTube.

7. "Under There"-----Hisyde

As with Hisyde's "Hap Here" you may struggle at first with the opaqueness of the production, like a movie scene that went through too many takes to get it right. Stick with it though. The catchy melody does surface and ultimately rewards.

Listen to Hisyde singing "Under There" on YouTube.

8. "Sorry"-----Ty Daniels feat. Boss Lady

Time-honored, chitlin'-circuit, male-female back and forth. What gets your attention at first is the faraway voice of Ty Daniels on the phone. His contrite male comes to the fore by song's end.

Listen to Ty Daniels and Boss Lady singing "Sorry" on YouTube.

9. "Just Won't Break"-----Sky Whatley feat. Tonio Armani

A rousing song of female empowerment by the young artist who did "Bae Changed Me".

Listen to Sky Whatley & Tonio Armani singing "Just Won't Break" on YouTube.

10. "My Kind Of Man"-----Crystal Thomas

One of southern soul's most storied divas returns with a song modelled on Cecily Wilborn's acclaimed "Southern Man".

Listen to Crystal Thomas singing "My Kind Of Man" on YouTube. - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 "BREAKING" Southern Soul Singles For. . .

-------MAY 2024-------

1. “Back Road”-------Curt The Country Man feat. Marcellus The Singer

Curt The Country Man’s “Back Road” is the glorious apex of the country style sweeping through southern soul with songs like Cecily Wilborn’s “Red Cup Blues,” Country Boy’s “Jeans & Boots” and Ciddy Boi P’s “This Is Texas”. This full-scale country trend began in earnest, fittingly enough, a few months ago with Curt’s rousing music video of ”Back Roads” (plural) under his previous (or alternate) name GMB Li Curt (#2 March Top 10 Singles). This remix replaces guest rapper ShawtyMac from the original with southern soul balladeer Marcellus The Singer, otherwise retaining key elements of the original like the double-tracking of Curt’s vocals, the horses’ neighing, the wild cry. “Back Road” is a personal artistic statement comparable to J-Wonn’s monumental “I Got This Record,” and if it gets distributed to southern soul deejays it’s a shoo-in for southern soul song of the year.

Listen to Curt The Country Man & Marcellus The Singer singing “Back Road” on YouTube.

2. “Can’t Make ‘Em”------Koffee Bean feat. Jeter Jones

“You can lead a horse to the water / But you can’t make ‘em drink.” This old truism is transformed by Koffee Bean, whose exceptionally charismatic vocal recalls Theresa Brewer from the fifties---only Brewer never swung like this. Ms. Jody did, though, two decades ago in the country-comfortable ”I Never Take A Day Off”.

Listen to Koffee Bean and Jeter Jones singing “Can’t Make ‘Em” on YouTube.

3. “Fishing Hole”-----Ciddy Boi P feat. Novak

This is Ciddy Boi’s fiddle & steel guitar follow-up to “This Is Texas” (#1 Top 10 Singles April), accompanied by the humble yet intriguing, country background fills of the lady Novak. Do you ever wonder if "City Boy" misnamed himself?

Listen to Ciddy Boi P and Novak singing “Fishing Hole” on YouTube.

4. “Take You Out Tonight”------T-Man

There’s no other way to say it. The chorus sucks. Which is too bad because the vocal swagger T-Man displays in the verses will raise the hair on your neck. If T-Man turns up that exciting vocal “swag” even more, he’ll be on the yellow brick road to a hit record.

5. ”Jeans And Boots”------Country Boy

Like Curt The Country Man, Country Boy has been dawdling in the wings for awhile now. I’m just catching up, although he had a #1 single here a couple of years ago---promoted, if memory serves, by T.K. Soul. "Jeans & Boots" resonates long after listening.

Listen to Country Boy singing “Jeans And Boots” on YouTube.

6. “On Ya Feet”----Big Mel

Big Mel is looking like the real thing. He understands melody and tempo, has a voice that inspires empathy, and just about everything he puts out is notable. But someone please help me with the lyrics. I keep hearing, over and over, “I’ll pour acid on your feet,” which sounds pretty weird in front of “and have a country time with me”.

Listen to Big Mel singing “On Ya Feet” on YouTube.

7. “Body Roll, Fast Or Slow”----Narvel Echols

A lot of people counted Narvel out in the early days. He just kept coming on, getting better and better, until he became what he is today, an aficionado of original southern soul material and presentation.

Listen to Narvel Echols singing “Body Roll, Fast Or Slow” on YouTube.

8. “In Love With You”-----B.J. Moodswing

If this song by newcomer B.J. Moodswing sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because it’s structured on the chord progressions and tempo of King George’s “Keep On Rollin’,” which becomes obvious (almost an homage) towards the end with the “keep-on-rollin'” guitar licks.

Listen to B.J. Moodswing singing “In Love With You” on YouTube.

9. “No Way”-----Sheba Potts-Wright

It’s great to have Sheba back and vying for a hit. And bringing in L.J. Echols was an inspired choice.

Listen to Sheba and L.J. singing “No Way” on YouTube.

10. “On The Way”---Big Nick J

Big Nick’s second consecutive Top 10 Singles appearance (after “Do You!” in April).

Listen to Big Nick J singing "On The Way" on YouTube. - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

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Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 "BREAKING" Southern Soul Singles For. . .

-------APRIL 2024-------

1. "This Is Texas" --- Ciddy Boi P

Country music influ-
ences continue to waft like fresh breeze through southern soul. Ciddy Boi P, who had a down year in '23 after a resounding debut in '22, recorded "This Is Texas" as a reply to Beyonce's "Texas Hold 'Em," but it's much more than that. The "ying-ying-ying-ying" man's very heart and soul course through this testament with an emotive power that dwarfs his more formulaic southern soul tunes, and at under three minutes you'll want to play it over and over, soaking up the man's inspiring and unbounding love for his life and land.

Listen to Ciddy Boi P. singing "This Is Texas" on YouTube.

2. "It's Over"----King George

Well, it's time to cede the throne to King George. He is the #1 artist in southern soul. Yes, he has only two solo albums to his credit, but if you look at his oeuvre from the standpoint of hit singles, no one else comes close. Whereas most artists have maybe one hit single per album, every track King George records is a hit single---even "It's Over," his own toned-down version of "country"-style southern soul. See Daddy B. Nice's #1: King George: The Greatest Hits.

Listen to King George singing "It's Over" on YouTube.

3. "Keep Pushing"----West Love

I first experienced this tune on YouTube as part of a newly-posted, ten-minute-long, inspirational two-song video entitled "Reach and Keep Pushing" ("Keep Pushing only starting around the seven-minute mark) and was so impressed I resolved to recommend it not only to fans but to West Love for commercial release. Then, while looking for an alternative YouTube link just now for publication, I discovered a "Keep Pushing" video released by one Kelsie West five years before she became famous as West Love---a self-fulfilling classic!

Listen to West Love singing "Keep Pushing" on YouTube.

4. "Puttin' In Work"----Mr. Jimmy

New blood rejuvenating the sound of old-school southern soul. Authoritatively sung, authoritatively produced (Shuga Rai).

Listen to Mr. Jimmy singing "Puttin' In Work" on YouTube.

5. "I Gotta Leave Home"-----Mr. Laidback

More new blood for southern soul. "I Gotta Leave Home" (produced by Tony Tatum) sounds like it was recorded yesterday but actually has been wandering in the musical wilderness since 2022. Mr. Laidback recorded a tune ("She Got Me Trippin'") with Tyree Neal (this month's featured artist) in 2020 and I found a citation for Mr. Laidback in my own Comprehensive Index dating back to 2014.

Listen to Mr. Laidback singing "I Gotta Leave Home" on YouTube.

6. "Swing My Way"----LaMorris Williams

Trivia question. Who is the only current southern soul artist to have recorded a southern soul song with Al Green? That's right, LaMorris Williams. "Swing My Way's" light---but it grows on you. From the Rumors album.

Listen to LaMorris Williams singing "Swing My Way" on YouTube.

7. "Do You!"----Big Nick J

Afficionados will decry the embarrassing appropriation of the opening bars of Marcellus The Singer's "Until We Meet," which just charted #1 three months ago, but after that misstep it's all smooth sailing for this competent young vocalist through some of the sweetest, mid-tempo, southern soul since Terry Wright, Stan Mosley of "Rock Me" and the slow-rolling Love Doctor.

Listen to Big Nick J singing "Do You!" on YouTube.

8. "(He Ain't Gon') Do Right"----Shae Nicole

Rousing debut by a singer who for a finale launches into a verse of electrifying falsetto like an instrumental track.

9. "Goin' Jackie Neal (At The Zydeco)"----Tyree Neal feat. Pokey Bear, C-Loc, Adrian Bagher, Johnny James & Bro Bro)

"Everyone takes an entertaining verse, Pokey giving obeisance to Jackie more vehemently than anyone. Adrian Bagher sings that when he first heard Raful Neal, Tyree's uncle, at ten years old, he knew he wanted to be a blues man." From Daddy B. Nice's new review of Neal's Liquor Talk.

Listen to Tyree Neal singing "Goin' Jackie Neal" on YouTube.

10. "Ride It"----Mikal feat. Angel Faye Russell

Mikal has an abrasive vocal tone that lends a gritty distinctiveness to the raucous back-and-forth between the couple, but the high point comes when Angel Faye sings "Auntie outside tonight! / I've got all of my bills paid."

Listen to Mikal and Angel Faye Russell singing "Ride It" on YouTube. - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 "BREAKING" Southern Soul Singles For. . .

-------MARCH 2024-------

1. "Red Cup Blues"-----Cecily Wilborn

Mark March 2024 as the month and year when country music invaded and dominated the southern soul top ten singles, and none leaped the genre boundaries with the breathtaking ease of Cecily Wilborn's "Red Cup Blues". The recent winner of the 17th Annual (2023) Southern Soul Award for Best Collaboration ("Southern Man" with West Love), Wilborn is also featured in last month's "News & Notes" "Will Southern Soul Deejays Play Country-Western/Southern Soul?" on Daddy B. Nice's Corner.

Listen to Cecily Wilborn singing "Red Cup Blues" on YouTube.

2. "Back Roads"-----GMB Li Curt feat. ShawtyMac

How close are southern soul and country? Deejays can segue seamlessly from gritty, ultra-bluesy "Mark You Off" by Miron Simpson (2023 Best Southern Soul Debut Nominee and Best Male Vocalist) into GMB Li Curt's pure country music anthem, "Back Roads," and vice versa. Like a tree toppling in the forest, "Back Roads" came and went without notice last year, although 58,000 hardy souls viewed it on YouTube with overwhelmingly enthusiastic comments. And as a southern soul fan, if you're feeling a little ambivalent about enjoying a country song as much as I recounted myself doing in "Will Southern Soul Deejays Play Country-Western/Southern Soul?," remember that southern soul made its post-disco revival in the mid-eighties with Z.Z. Hill's "Down Home Blues," considered "country-bluesy" at the time.

Listen to GMB Li Curt & ShawtyMac singing "Back Roads" on YouTube.

3. "Texas Hold 'Em"-----Beyonce

Well, here's the singer who made all this buzz about country music timely and relevant. Yes, Beyonce might be #1 nationally, but she's #3 on the southern soul charts. And yes, Beyonce has charted here before, with Ronald Isley on "Make Me Say It Again"---September '22 at #2 behind the Tucka/King George remix of "Jukebox Lover". Ever notice how, like in "Make Me Say It Again" and "Texas Hold 'Em," Beyonce likes to play around with her endings---"prettify" them, so to speak---thus the ambient-music coda on "Texas Hold 'Em"?

Listen to Beyonce singing "Texas Hold 'Em" on YouTube.

4. "Come Over Baby"------Lady Redtopp feat. Bri Rocket

At first, not having taken to her slow songs, you might be taken aback. Stick with the unfamiliar, coy and clever vocal delivery and the fresh, pillow-soft instrumental track, however, and you'll be rewarded with a whole new romantic side to this disarmingly original artist. See Lady Redtopp, 17th Annual Southern Soul Awards Triple Winner.

Listen to Lady Redtopp & Bri Rocket singing "Come Over Baby" on YouTube.

5. "Let's Get Drunk"-----L.J. Echols

L.J. rents out O.B. Buchana's most storied title, but once you settle down and get used to that you begin to glean that L.J.'s rediscovering his rhythmic acoustic mojo. I only wish he'd stuck more percussive, "Mad Dog 20-20"-like guitar-picking into the instrumental track.

Listen to L.J. Echols singing "Let's Get Drunk" on YouTube.

6. "Church Girl"-----Tex James feat. Stan Butler

"I can't make this shit up" is the line that'll crack most people up (it did me) while enjoying this off-the-wall, guitar-dominated, hybrid blues.

Listen to Tex James and Stan Butler singing "Church Girl" on YouTube.

7. "You My Man"-----Jay Morris Group

This rare solo effort by K-Monique is a keeper and a harbinger of the exciting possibilities beckoning this extremely talented trio. See Daddy B. Nice's 4-Star CD Review. Also see K-Monique Best Female Vocalist 2021.

Listen to the Jay Morris Group singing "You My Man" on YouTube.

8. "Party Tonight"-----P2K DaDiddy feat. Urban Mystic

Bassists, attention: this is a great bass line! And one of the best collaborations on P2K's new guest-rich album, U-TURN. See Daddy B. Nice's 4-Star CD Review.

9. "Lost And Found (Remix)"-----Volton Wright feat. Sir Charles Jones

(No YouTube at time of publication.)

10. "Going Out"----Curt The Country Man feat. Countryboii Tye

Listen to "Going Out" on YouTube. - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide


Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 "BREAKING" Southern Soul Singles For. . .

-------FEBRUARY 2024-------

1. "Swing Out"-----West Love

It's not even the best of the "Swing Outs," a storied title going back to Mel Waiters' "Swing Out Song," but it's an immediate winner, the perfect, mid-tempo showcase for the talent, skills and energy that have taken West Love to the top of southern soul diva-dom. See her many upcoming dates as a rare female headliner on the Blues Is Alright Tour. (See Daddy B. Nice's Concert Calendar.)

Listen to West Love singing "Swing Out" on YouTube.

2. "In Front Of Me"-----The Jay Morris Group

Getting back into Jay Morris after King George is a mind-bender. The trio is so verbal---like going down a rabbit warren of conversations. One of my favorite couplets from this fascinating female take-off on "Sho' Wasn't Me" is: "Jay, that's his co-worker. / They have lunch from time to time". Sounds preposterous, doesn't it? And yet it not only works but comes off as daring because it is something a woman in denial would really say.

Listen to the Jay Morris Group singing "In Front Of Me" on YouTube.

3. "You Baby"-----Marcellus The Singer feat. Cecily Wilborn

Another choice track from Marcellus The Singer's upcoming album Calling All Crackbabies. His debut Music Therapy only arrived a few months ago, and his ballad "Until We Meet Again" was last month's #1 single. And when, mid-song, Marcellus passes the mike to 2023 Award winner Cecily Wilborn, "You Baby" soars.

Listen to Marcellus and Cecily singing "You Baby" on YouTube.

4. "Crazy About You"-----Derek The Change Man Smith

You may have seen him appearing on upcoming concert venues. Here's why. The man is a flat-out singer.

Listen to Derek The Change Man Smith singing "Crazy About You" on YouTube.

5. "Put It In Ya Life"-----Lil' Runt feat. Jeter Jones

A little rap. A little zydeco. A heaping tablespoon of Jeter Jones. Blend to a fine puree for the ultimate dancefloor gumbo.

Listen to Lil' Runt and Jeter Jones singing "Put It In Ya Life" on YouTube.

6. "Too Soon"-----Kandy Janai

This is the young artist whose debut Das My Kitty" reaped a half-million YouTube views last year. "Too Soon" is totally different---slow, sad, thoughtful, ironic. The key lyric is "I let him meet my kids." That's a touchstone for just about all of us, whether you're on the female side of it or the male.

Listen to Kandy Janai singing "Too Soon" on YouTube.

7. "Love Bone"-----Donnie Ray

A resource that just keeps giving, Donnie Ray Aldredge has a keen nose for good material.

Listen to Donnie Ray singing "Love Bone" on YouTube.

8. "Yo Truck (Ain't Better Than Mine)"-----Jeter Jones

Full disclosure. I've been driving full-sized trucks my entire adult life. Ergo, I think "Yo Truck" is a real hoot and a great song. A note of caution. Jeter is stretching some boundaries (and good for him) in the upcoming "Big Boss" EP from which "Yo Truck" comes, blending southern soul with hard-hitting rap and hardcore country-western.

Listen to Jeter Jones singing "Yo Truck (Ain't Better Than Mine)" on YouTube.

9. "Let It Be Said"-----J. Lake

"A closed mouth don't get fed." J. Lake crafts a fine tune around a southern soul truism recently revisited by Bridget Shield.

Listen to J. Lake singing "Let It Be Said" on YouTube.

10. "Can I Get A Witness?"-----LaMorris Williams

The "Impala" man returns.

Listen to LaMorris Williams singing "Can I Get A Witness?" on YouTube. - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 "BREAKING" Southern Soul Singles For. . .

-------JANUARY 2024-------

1. "Until We Meet Again"-----Mar-
cellus The Singer

This ballad deserves a place on southern soul's top shelf alongside such slow jams as Sir Charles Jones' "Just Another Love Song" (w/ La Keisha) and Big Robb's "Good Loving Will Make You Cry" (w/ Carl Marshall). Nearly eight minutes long, it sails by, never grows repetitive and has every chance of becoming Marcellus's breakthrough and signature song.

Listen to Marcellus The Singer singing "Until We Meet Again" on You Tube.

2. "Down In The Sippi"----- FaLisa JaNaye

FaLisa JaNaye has been inactive since the mid-teens---a cautionary note for performers who succumb to the cushy comforts of the European circuit. She returns to southern soul with this rousing jam, transformed both physically and vocally with a more robust and down-home style.

Listen to FaLisa JaNaye singing "Down In Sippi" on YouTube.

3. "Busted Cheating At The Holiday Inn"-----Mr. Midnight

This old and well-worn southern soul trope ("cheating at the motel or the inn") actually sounds fresh after the avalanche of "trail ride" and "cowboy/cowgirl" singles of the last couple of years.

Listen to Mr. Midnight singing "Busted Cheating At The Holiday Inn" on YouTube.

4. "I Can't Live Without You"-----Memphis Jackson

Memphis Jackson takes a big step forward with this well-wrought new single.

Listen to Memphis Jackson singing "I Can't Live Without You" on YouTube.

5. "Party"-----Cecily Wilborn

The easy-to-listen-to newcomer who notched the #6 single---"Southern Man"---on Daddy B. Nice's Top 25 Singles of 2023 drops another comely track with an intriguing, country-western flavor.

Listen to Cecily Wilborn singing "Party" on YouTube.

6. "Let's Get Married Today"-----Stan Butler

Despite strides in popularity Stan Butler is still one of the most under-appreciated singer/songwriters in southern soul. His writing alone puts him in the top tier, and his singing exudes confidence and authority. Read more in The New Generation: Southern Soul.

Listen to Stan Butler singing "Let's Get Married Today" on YouTube.

7. "Cut Friend"----Sky Whatley

Another worthy single from the newcomer who recorded his debut single "Bae Changed Me" a little over a year ago.

Listen to Sky Whatley singing "Cut Friend" on YouTube.

8. "Good Tyme"----P2K DaDiddy feat. Frank Johnson

From P2K's just-released album, U-Turn, spawned by his hit single of the same name. Frank Johnson is the King George imitator whose debut "Hate On Me" is trending toward a million YouTube views.

Listen to P2K and Frank Johnson singing "Good Tyme" on YouTube.

9. "Older Woman"----S. Dott

S. Dott continues to come into his own, but he's removed his songs from YouTube in a short-sighted career decision he's bound to regret.

Listen to S. Dott singing "Older Woman" on SoundCloud.

10. "Sooner Or Later"---- Tonio Armani

Tonio Armani came to the attention of southern soul fans on S. Dott's stirring "Cowgirl Trailride" (Daddy B. Nice's #1 Single August 2023). Sadly, Armani & Dott will miss out on estimated 50,000 sets of new ears listening to "Cowgirl Trailride's" #13 ranking on DBN's Top 25 over the next month due to Dott's decision to remove it from YouTube.

Listen to Tonio Armani singing "Sooner Or Later" on YouTube. - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

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