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The "DADDIES": 1st Annual (2007) Southern Soul Music Awards

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Below is a list of the finalists for the inaugural "Daddy" awards. The award winners are listed at the end of the "finalists" list. Music published before 2007 was eligible if the bulk of its chitlin' circuit airplay came in 2007. The numbers below do NOT denote rankings. CD's and song samples are available in the
CD Store or Comprehensive Index. DBN.

"Daddy" Finalists:

Best Mid-Tempo Southern Soul Song:

1. "Just A Little Bit" by Willie Clayton
2. "The Rabbit Got The Gun" by Walt Love
3. "Please Let Me In" by Theodis Ealey
4. "Can We Go There" by Ms. Nicole Jackson
5. "I Need To See You" by J. T. Watkins
6. "Thank You Mamma" by L. J. Echols
7. "Pop That Middle" by Theodis Ealey
8. "All My Money's Gone" by O. B. Buchana
9. "She's Gone" by Wilson Meadows
10. "The Itch" by Keb' Mo'
11. "Get Me Weak" by Vickie Baker
12. "You Make Me Happy" by Nathaniel Kimble
13. "Doin' My Job" by The Duchess

Best Southern Soul Club Song

1. "Dirty South Steppin'" by Mr. Sam
2. "Cupid Shuffle (Remix)" by Cupid
3. "Party Like Back In The Day" by T. K. Soul
4. "Do Yo Dance" by Cupid w/ Cristal
5. "Down South Shuffle" by R-3 w/ Onyx Amiira & Bigg Robb
6. "Zydefunk Slide" by Lil' Fallay
7. "Get Low" by Simeo
8. "Grown & Sexy" (Remix) by Da Problem Solvas w/ Sir Charles Jones
9. "Red House" by Uncle Wayne
10. "The Twist" by Jacquel

Best Southern Soul Collaboration

1. "Good Lovin' Will Make U Cry" (Bigg Robb Remix) by Carl Marshall w/ Bigg Robb
2. "I'm Just A Fool (Part 2)" by J. Blackfoot w/ Sir Charles Jones
3. "Dog Kinda Love (Simeo Remix)" by Dicky Williams w/ Ken Massey
4. "All My Money's Gone" by O. B. Buchana w/ Luther Lackey
5. "One Way Love" by Ms. Jody w/ O. B. Buchana
6. "Two Different People" by J. Blackfoot w/ Ann Hines

Best Southern Soul Ballad

1. "For Your Love" by Sir Charles Jones
2. "Try Me" by T. K. Soul
3. "It's Okay" by Steve Perry
4. "Scat Cat Here Kitty Kitty" by Barbara Carr
5. "You Got Me Where You Want Me" by El' Willie
6. "Love Makes The World Go Round" by David Sea
7. "You Still Got It" by Floyd Taylor
8. "Your Dog's About To Kill My Cat" by Ms. Jody
9. "Somebody's Getting It" by Earl Duke
10. "She Didn't Have To Hurt Ya Boy Like That" by Wendell B
11. "Friends Don't" by The Duchess
12. "I'm Just A Fool (Part 2)" by J. Blackfoot w/ Sir Charles Jones
13. "Good Lovin' Will Make U Cry" (Bigg Robb Remix) by Carl Marshall w/ Bigg Robb
14. "Say Yes" by Cupid
15. "You Did It To You" by Ms. Monique

Best Southern Soul Song by a Longtime Veteran:

1. "My Give A Damn Gave Out" by Latimore
2. "I Like This Place" by Carl Sims
3. "Mississippi Woman" by Denise LaSalle
4. "I'm Just A Fool (Part 2)" by J. Blackfoot w/ Sir Charles Jones
5. "Plumber Man" by Charles Wilson
6. "Get Me Weak" by Vickie Baker
7. "Scat Cat Here Kitty Kitty" by Barbara Carr
8, "Friday Night Fish Fry" by Mel Waiters

Best Female Southern Soul Vocal:

1. "Mississippi Woman" by Denise LaSalle
2. "Older Woman, Younger Man" by Pat Cooley
3. "Mike's Place" by Sweet Angel
4. "Your Dog's About To Kill My Cat" by Ms. Jody
5. "That's My Shugga Daddy" by Jewel J
6. "Can We Go There" by Ms. Nicole Jackson
7. "Friends Don't" by The Duchess
8. "Scat Cat Here Kitty Kitty" by Barbara Carr
9. "Someone Else's Bed" by Mashaa
10. "Too Much Lickin'" by Jacquel

Best Male Southern Soul Vocal:

1. "Baby Come Back Home" by Vick Allen
2. "It's Okay" by Steve Perry
3. "If I Could Do It All Over" by Donnie Ray
4. "Somebody Else" by Lenny Williams
5. "Try Me" by T. K. Soul
6. "You Still Got It" by Floyd Taylor
7. "Give Me A Chance" by Omar Cunningham
8. "Plumber Man" by Charles Wilson
9. "She's Gone" by Wilson Meadows
10. "You Got Me Where You Want Me" by El' Willie
11. "Please Let Me In" by Theodis Ealey
12. "Just A Little Bit" by Willie Clayton
13. "Up In Here" by Bobby Rush
14. "Somebody's Gettin' It" by Earl Duke

Best Airplay Breakthrough By An Aspiring (But Not New) Southern Soul Artist

1. Pat Cooley ("Older Woman, Younger Man," "I Ain't Goin' Where You Go")

2. Big G ("Thank You, Girl," "I'd Rather Go Blind," "Prove My Love")

3. Walter Waiters ("Careful Woman," "Don't Scratch My Back," "Crazy Sexy Smooth," "Do What It Takes")

4. Cupid ("Cupid Shuffle," "I Fell In Love With You," "Do Yo Dance," "Say Yes")

5. J. T. Watkins ("Where Did Our Love Go," "Watch Over Me," "I Need To See You")

6. Patrick Harris ("Moan," "I Fooled You This Time," "Right On Time")

7. El' Willie ("Marry Me," "You Got Me Where You Want Me," "Crazy Kind Of Love")

8. Jacquel ("The Twist," "Too Much Lickin'")

9. L. J. Echols ("Well Runs Dry," "Thank You Mamma")

Hardest-Touring Southern Soul Crowd-Pleaser:

1. T. K. Soul
2. Bobby Rush
3. O. B. Buchana
4. Billy "Soul" Bonds
5. Willie Clayton
6. Ms. Jody

Best Chitlin' Circuit Blues Song:

1. "Midnight Call" by Lou Pride
2. "Mississippi Woman" (Delta Blues Mix) by Denise LaSalle
3. "My In-Laws (Ain't Nothin' But Outlaws)" by Dr. "Feelgood" Potts
4. "I Got 3 Problems" by Bobby Rush
5. "Dog Kind Of Love" (Simeo Remix) by Dicky Williams w/ Ken Massey
6. "Another Man's Meat On My Plate" by Sweet Angel
7. "Lookin' For A New Love Tonight" by Z. Z. Hill, Jr.

Best "Cover" Song By A Southern Soul Artist:

1. "I'd Rather Go Blind"------------------Big G
2. "Dedicated To The One I Love"-------Wilson Meadows
3. "Since I Fell For You"-----------------Swamp Dogg
4. "Plumber Man"-----------------------Charles Wilson
5. "Scat Cat Here Kitty Kitty"---------Barbara Carr
6. "Find Yourself Another Girl"------J. T. Watkins
7. "Mississippi Woman"----------Denise LaSalle

Best "Out Of Left Field" Southern Soul Song:

1. "Woman Crazy" by Twinkie Man
2. "I Need Some Money" by Swamp Dogg
3. "Block Party" by Chuck Brown
4. "Red House" by Uncle Wayne
5. "Older Woman, Younger Man" by Pat Cooley
6. "Bootie-Mitized" by Teddy Bear
7. "Dog Kind Of Love" by Dicky Williams w/ Ken Massey
8. "You Walked Out" by Ghetto Cowboy

Best Southern Soul Songwriter

1. Frederick Knight ("Someone Else's Bed" by Mashaa)

2. Floyd Hamberlin ("Mississippi Woman" by Denise LaSalle, "Mississippi Boy" by Charles Wilson)

3. Bigg Robb & Sure2B ("I Thought She Was At Home With The Kids" by Problem Solvas w/ Bigg Robb)

4. Bruce Billups/Theodis Ealey ("Please Let Me In" by Theodis Ealey)

5. Carl Marshall ("Good Loving Will Make You Cry")

6. Terry Kimble/T. K. Soul ("Try Me")

7. Sam Fallie/Mr. Sam ("Work Yo Body")

Best Southern Soul Arranger/Producer:

1. John Ward ("Your Dog's About To Kill My Cat"---Ms. Jody; "All My Money's Gone"---O. B. Buchana; "Mississippi Woman"---Denise LaSalle)

2. Bigg Robb/Robert Smith ("I Thought She Was At Home"---Problem Solvas w/ Bigg Robb; "Good Lovin' Will Make U Cry"---Carl Marshall w/ Bigg Robb; "Big Man Love"---Bigg Robb, "Older Woman, Younger Man"---Pat Cooley)

3. Simeo Overall/Simeo ("Dog Kind Of Love"----------Dicky Williams w/ Ken Massey, "Get Low"---Simeo, "That Boom"---Charles Wilson)

4. Bruce Billups & Theodis Ealey ("Please Let Me In," "Pop That Middle," "I'm The Man You Need"---Theodis Ealey; "Fire"---Lebrado)

5. Archie Love ("Work Yo Body," "12 Steps 4 Cheaters," "Dirty South Steppin'"---Mr. Sam; "Friends Don't," "Doin' My Job"---The Duchess)

6. Terry Kimble/T. K. Soul ("It Ain't Cheatin' Til U Get Caught," "Party Like Back In The Day," "Try Me," "#1 Fan"---T. K. Soul)

Best Southern Soul Debut

1. "Can We Go There" by Ms. Nicole Jackson
2. "Red Cadillac" by Uncle Wayne
3. "Money Or Fame" by Aaron Young
4. "It Ain't Easy" Z. Z. Hill Jr.
5. "Mike's Place" by Sweet Angel
6. "Work Yo Body" by Mr. Sam
7. "Friends Don't" by The Duchess
8. "Woman Crazy" by Twinkie Man
9. "I Like Big Girls" by Bigg Joe
10. "The Shadow Knows" by Fred Bolton
11. "That's My Shugga Daddy" by Jewel J.
12. "Someone Else's Bed" by Mashaa
13. "Playa Haters" T. J. Hooker Taylor

(end of "Daddies" Finalists list)



And The Winners of the Inaugural "Daddy" Awards for Southern Soul Music Are. . .

2007 "Daddy" for Best Mid-Tempo Southern Soul Song:

"Please Let Me In" by Theodis Ealey - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

2007 "Daddy" for Best Southern Soul Club Song:

"Do Yo Dance" by Cupid w/ Cristal - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

2007 "Daddy" for Best Southern Soul Collaboration:

"Good Lovin' Will Make U Cry" (Bigg Robb Remix) by Carl Marshall w/ Bigg Robb - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

2007 "Daddy" for Best Southern Soul Ballad:

"I'm Just A Fool (Part 2)" by J. Blackfoot w/ Sir Charles Jones - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

2007 "Daddy" for Best Southern Soul Song By A Longtime Veteran:

"Mississippi Woman" by Denise LaSalle - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

2007 "Daddy" for Best Female Southern Soul Vocal:

"Your Dog's About To Kill My Cat" by Ms. Jody - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

2007 "Daddy" for Best Male Southern Soul Vocal:

"You Got Me Where You Want Me" by El' Willie - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

2007 "Daddy" for Best Airplay Breakthrough By A Veteran (Non-Debut) Southern Soul Artist:

Walter Waiters - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

2007 "Daddy" for Hardest-Touring Southern Soul Crowd-Pleaser:

T. K. Soul - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

2007 "Daddy" for Best Chitlin' Circuit Blues Song:

"My In-Laws (Ain't Nothin' But Outlaws)" by Dr. "Feelgood" Potts - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

2007 "Daddy" for Best "Cover" Song By A Southern Soul Artist:

"Dedicated To The One I Love" by Wilson Meadows - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

2007 "Daddy" for Best "Out Of Left Field" Southern Soul Song:

"Red House" by Uncle Wayne - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

2007 "Daddy" for Best Southern Soul Songwriter:

Frederick Knight for "Someone Else's Bed" - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

2007 "Daddy" for Best Southern Soul Arranger/Producer:

Bigg Robb - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide

2007 "Daddy" for Best Southern Soul Debut:

"Work Yo Body" by Mr. Sam - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide



2007: Whatta Year!

2007. What a year.

On the one hand, you had Bigg Robb, Cupid, Uncle Wayne and Simeo stretching Southern Soul from the hiphop side.

On the other, you had full-fledged, unashamedly traditional sounds from Ms. Jody, Carl Marshall, J. Blackfoot and Billy "Soul" Bonds.

And in the middle, riding the mainline current, were the current godfathers, Willie Clayton and Theodis Ealey, distilling the very essence of Southern Soul.

Lenny Williams attacked Southern Soul from an urban, jazz-based sound, sounding eerily like vintage R. Kelly on "Somebody Else."

T. K. Soul made a hybrid sound based on simple pop melodies.

Bobby Rush and Dr. "Feelgood" Potts took a breather from Southern Soul altogether. They took off their shoes, sat on their respective porches and played some blues.

The best line from a song in 2007 was the pithy couplet from the cheater in Bigg Robb's "I Thought She Was At Home," upon seeing his wife with another guy in the lobby of the Hampton Inn:

"And I never thought she would do to me,
What I thought I would never do to her."

2007 was a year of the "Bigs," as in Bigg Robb and Big G and Bigg Joe, and a year for the "W's," as in Walter Waiters and El Willie and Uncle Wayne.

Overall, it wasn't an especially strong year for female artists, although Ecko's stable of divas--Denise LaSalle, Barbara Carr and Ms. Jody--picked up a lot of the slack.

Over at Malaco, one had to wonder if storied songwriter Frederick Knight didn't regret the decision to give his song "Someone Else's Bed"--one of the best of all time--to first-timer Mashaa instead of a seasoned pro like Shirley Brown, who might have had a LaSalle-"Mississippi Woman"-style smash with it.

Carl Marshall took Stephen Stills' venerable folk-rock song, "Love The One You're With" to task. In his hugely popular "Good Loving Will Make You Cry," Marshall advised listeners that--if tears weren't being shed during intercourse--to "leave the one you're with."

The big news from J. Blackfoot in 2007 was his reprise single of "I'm Just A Fool For You" starring Sir Charles Jones, whom we all came to know (via the record) was J. Blackfoot's nephew. The single was even more inspired than Blackfoot's duet with talented vocalist Lenny Williams on the original.

Why? Because the melodious track morphed into Sir Charles Jones' "Is Anybody Lonely" via one of the most compelling bridges--J. phones Sir Charles and they talk while the Blackfoot song dissolves into "Lonely"--heard in any year.

Before the Jones' classic meandered back to the Blackfoot original, Sir Charles had tugged on fans' emotions in ways that had eluded him on his own recent records. And when Sir Charles replied to J., "Oh. . . I remember," and went on to say that, "Uncle J., I got so tired washing my own damn clothes," the hair stood up on the back of Daddy B. Nice's neck.




Daddy B. Nice's Top 25 Southern Soul Songs Of 2006

1. "Going Crazy"-----Willie Clayton

It scales heights in its opening bars that most songs never dream of, much less achieve.
Bargain-Priced Full Circle CD

2. "If I Back It Up" -------Nellie "Tiger" Travis

You wanna know what's sexy? Real feeling--which makes this quite simply the sexiest song in ages.
Bargain-Priced "Wanna Be With You" CD

3."Droppin' Salt"------Reggie P.

A young artist who combines the emotional power of Sir Charles Jones with the vocal chops and intensity of Bobby "Blue" Bland.
Bargain-Priced "Why Me?" CD

4. "Wasn't None Of You"--------Lijuana

Hooky melody, inspired arrangement, with the most authentic, personable female monologue since Shirley Brown's "Woman To Woman."

5. "New Lease On Life"------William Bell

And you're telling me the Eric Clapton crowd wouldn't love Southern Soul? This blissful riff made a legend relevant again.
Bargain-Priced "New Lease On Life" CD

6. "Who You Been Lovin'"--- Napoleon w/ Mr. David

Stupendous bass line propelling a melody that would make early McCartney proud.

7. "Francine"-----------Theodis Ealey

Ealey's patience and persistence in shaping the song (it started as the R-rated "Let Me Put The Head In It") resulted in his finest since "Stand Up In It." The centerpiece of up-and-comer Bruce Billups' compilation CD.
Bargain Priced: Southern Soul/Urban Mix

8. "Can't Nobody Do Me Like You"------Lenny Williams

Elegant simplicity in melody, execution, and message.
Bargain Priced: It Must Be Love CD

9. "Boom Boom Boom"----------Willie Clayton

Could Willie come even close to replicating the success of "Going Crazy"? The answer is yes.
Bargain Priced: Gifted CD

10. "Cuttin' Up Sideways"-----Joy

Rough and rowdy---and catchy, too. That's what I'm talking about!

11. "Heartache Medicine"------------Sterling Williams

Sterling Williams had competition from Nolan Struck, Stacy Mitchhart, Dee Bradley and Wilton Lombard in a great year for "Thrill Is Gone"-style blues.
Bargain Priced: Brand New Man CD

12. "Back In Love Again"--Larry Milton

Lush, romantic, yet its driving beat carried it along like a swiftly-moving river.

13. "Why Me?"-------Reggie P.

It dominated Southern Soul radio station airplay in the early months of the year, but it never got boring or grating. Just better.
Bargain Priced: Why Me? CD

14. "My Name Is $$$$$" ----Miz. B.

Hep'Me Records' Senator Jones told your Daddy B. Nice he's the only one making "true" Southern Soul music, and this idiosyncratic gem is evidence.
Bargain Priced: My Name Is $$$$$ CD

15. "I'm Missin' You Babe"----------Lebrado

This acoustic marvel featured a first-class melody and a guy-next-door vocal.
Bargain Priced: Try Me CD

16. "Super Woman"----Nellie "Tiger" Travis

This superb ballad contained the year's most telling line. ("He's got that look in his eyes/And I know what that's all about.")
Bargain Priced: Wanna Be With You CD

17. "Shake And Shimmey"-------------Larome Powers

With a nod to Jeff Floyd's "I Found Love (On A Lonely Highway)", this take-no-prisoners debut took up the fallen mantle of vintage rock and roll.
Bargain Priced: What's Life Without Love CD

18. "I Never Take A Day Off (From Loving My Baby)"------Ms. Jody

Ms. Jody's intriguing vocal was so country it sounded--well, country.
Bargain Priced: You're My Angel CD

19. "Seventeen Days Of Loving"--------------Renea Mitchell

A recycled Southern Soul classic (Carl Sims) executed with taste and distinction.
Bargain Priced: Road To Love CD

20. "Just Don't Understand You"------Wendell B.
Almost overnight, seemingly, this talented, slow-tempo crooner muscled his way to crooner numero uno.
Bargain Priced: Good Times CD

21. "Mr. Do Right"-------Ms. Monique w/ Millie Jackson

The riveting Millie Jackson intro and the witty ending took this song to another level.
Bargain Priced: Soul Sessions: Chapter 1

22. "Never Coming Home"------------Betty Padgett

Kick-ass soul-blues by a convincing new voice.
Bargain Priced: Never Coming Home CD

23. "Somebody Lied On Me" ------------------Robert Hill

"True" Southern Soul? This little-known hit was the essence of Southern Soul--and more proof a new popular music genre is emerging. (And it also came from Senator Jones.)
Bargain Priced: Somebody Lied On Me CD

24. "You're A Liar"-------Barbara Carr

Producer John Ward's rock-solid, fully fleshed-out arrangement arguably resulted in Barbara Carr's finest vocal performance ever.
Bargain Priced: Down Home Brother CD

25. "Can You Handle This"-----------J. Harris

Southern Soul's answer to "smooth jazz" was just J. Harris being himself.


Readers should be advised that this list omits a great many deserving Southern Soul songs and artists of 2006, to whom I duly apologize. The list includes material released in 2005, especially if the bulk of its "air" time came in 2006. 2004 releases were excluded, eliminating otherwise meritorious songs such as T. K. Soul's "Ring My Bell" or Bob Steele's "Yo Dress Is Too Short."

Here is a by-no-means exhaustive list of artists who also helped to create an exciting Southern Soul music scene in 2006: Bobby Rush, Billy "Soul" Bonds, Kenne' Wayne, Patrick Green, "Guitar" George Baker, Maurice Davis, Charlie Brown, Tyree Neal, J. Blackfoot, Ric E. Bluez, Little Phil, James Smith, Arthur Foy, Sheba Potts-Wright, Roni, Lois, Omar Cunningham, David Brinston, O.B. Buchana, Bill Coday, Sergio Davis, Willie Hill, Keb' Mo', Mr. David, Nathaniel Kimble, Lee "Shot" Williams, Lee Fields, Donnie Ray, Lacee, Carl Marshall, Gwen McCrae, Steve Perry, Prince Kenyatta, Gregg A. Smith, Karen Wolfe, Mel Waiters, Judi Brown Eyes, James Payne, L. J. Echols, Pat Cooley, Joyce Lawson, Coco, Lorraine Turner, Vick Allen, Chairman Of The Board, Rick Lawson, and Big Cynthia. DBN

********************* - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide


May 13, 2008:

Daddy B. Nice Ranks. . .

The Dozen Best Southern Soul Compilations

Compilations--or samplers, as they are sometimes called--are a great way to experience Southern Soul "radio" without the radio. Since single-artist albums seldom contain more than two or three hits (at the most), compilations also deliver your favorite Southern Soul music (with many more hits per CD) at the lowest-possible cost. Compilations also provide a snapshot of the genre at a particular point in time: which artists are popular, and which styles of music are prevalent.

Unfortunately, it's a jungle out there, and once you start looking for value-conscious compilations you're almost immediately swallowed up in a "can't-see-the-forest-for-the-trees" situation of sensory overload. The record labels produce so many of these compilations that it's easy to lose motivation as you slog through one filler-loaded sampler after another.

Suddenly the pursuit of a lot of great music in one package becomes a headache. The reason the labels produce so many undistinguished compilations is because they routinely schedule them into their fiscal year. They're easy and cheap to produce. Once in awhile a really great and defining collection comes along, but more often than not they can lead the music fan to a lot of wasted time, money and disappointment.

For example, one wants to avoid, for the most part, the filler-filled "Family of Southern Soul" samplers from Hep'Me Records (except the one featured below). One should be wary of the "Soul Blues Hits" samplers from Ecko Records, many of which feature covers of hits, not the originals. And Malaco Records has two or three different series of samplers that are guilty of one or both of the above.

Probably the best compilation (although technically not a compilation) of the modern rock and roll era was "The Harder They Come" soundtrack that introduced reggae to the world in the early seventies. That's the kind of sampler you want to buy: one that you'll play until your ears go deaf.

Your Daddy B. Nice has spent the last few days wading and rummaging through the compilations that are most likely to turn on the Southern Soul fan--and that are most important to the Southern Soul genre. Here are Daddy's picks.

1. Ultimate Southern Soul (Mardi Gras, 2003)

In many ways, Sir Charles Jones' crowning achievement, lining up his own two songs "Slow Roll It" (lead-sung by The Love Doctor) and "Friday" in the one and two slots on the same blockbuster album. The CD also boasts The Love Doctor's other undisputed triumph, "Lies." This album defined the cutting edge of contemporary Southern Soul in the early years of the 21st century.

Other stand-outs: Mr. Zay's "She Only Wants To See Me On Friday" (written by Luther Lackey), Sir Charles' "Is Anybody Lonely" and (the late) Big Ike's "Teddy Bear." Also La Keisha, Cicero Blake, Eric Perkins, X-Man and others.

2. Soul Heaven (Malaco, 2007)

The authoritative classics from the "mother" of all contemporary Southern Soul labels. Tracks of note: Otis Redding's "Try A Little Tenderness," Albert King's "I'll Play The Blues For You," James Brown's "I Got You (I Feel Good)," Z. Z. Hill's "Down Home Blues," Tyrone Davis' "Turn Back The Hands Of Time," Little Milton's "The Blues Is Alright," and--of course--Johnnie Taylor's "Soul Heaven."

3. Top Of The Stax: 20 Greatest Hits (Stax, 1990)

This bargain-priced 20-track CD has the usual classics (Booker T & The MG's "Green Onions," The Staples Singers' "Respect Yourself," Otis Redding's "Dock Of The Bay"), but it's liberally sprinkled with fascinating, much-more-obscure songs that will make the music as a whole sound new again, songs like William Bell's "I Forgot To Be Your Lover," The Soul Children's "I'll Be The Other Woman," and Frederick Knight's quaint version of his "I've Been Lonely For So Long" (made famous by Keisa Brown).

4. Motel Lovers: Southern Soul From The Chitlin' Circuit (Trikont, 2007)

The CD Universe review calls this pricey import CD a "dazzling compilation," and your Daddy B. Nice is inclined to agree. 18 tracks--double-album-sized, in other words--with an intriguing mix of old and new centered around the theme of Marvin Sease's "Motel Lover."

Included: Peggy Scott-Adams, Sheba Potts-Wright, Big Cynthia, Bobby Rush, Mel Waiters, Sir Charles Jones, Barbara Carr, Lee Fields, O. B. Buchana, Floyd Taylor, Denise LaSalle and many more. The song selection favors little-known "hits," if they can even be called hits, and yet it's a solid assortment of music that will gratify Southern Soul connoisseurs already overly familiar with the classics.

5. Chitlin' Circuit Soul! The Best of Today's Southern Blues (Rhino/WEA, 2001)

Another historically essential assortment. Important tracks: Latimore's "Let's Straighten It Out," Z. Z. Hill's "Love Is So Good When You're Stealing It," Clarence Carter's "Strokin'," Bobby Rush's "Sue," Bobby "Blue" Bland's "Members Only," Shirley Brown's "Woman To Woman," Wilson Meadows' "That's Still My Love."

6. Blues Soul And Old School (Robb Music, 2007)

Gotta have those new sounds too. Bigg Robb's excellent sampler from last year enthralled the chitlin' circuit as much as Sir Charles Jones and The Love Doctor's "Ultimate Southern Soul" sampler had five years earlier, and the collaboration of Carl Marshall and Bigg Robb on the remix of Marshall's "Good Loving Will Make You Cry"--the centerpiece of the disc--was as momentous and significant as "Friday" and "Slow Roll It" were back in the day.

Other outstanding tracks: Pat Cooley's "Older Woman, Younger Man," Bigg Robb's "Keep On Swingin'," Bigg Robb & Problem Solvas w/ Sir Charles Jones' "Grown & Sexy (Remix)" and R-3's (Bigg Robb's son) w/ Onyx Omira's "Down South Shuffle."

7. Rhythm Country & Blues (MCA/Nashville, 1994)

Today, with country making inroads into Southern Soul with the Bigg Robb remix of Carl Marshall's "Good Lovin'" and Ms. Jody's "I Never Take A Day Off" and Trisha Barnwell's "Sweet Home Alabama," it's electrifying to listen to Sam Moore (of Sam & Dave) and Conway Twitty negotiate their way (in the mid-nineties) through an absolutely majestic version of "Rainy Night In Georgia."

You can practically hear and smell the earthworms coming up through the wet red clay soil. Aaron Neville and Trisha Yearwood pull off similar magic grafting mesmerizing vocals on Patsy Cline's "I Fall To Pieces." For more than a few people, this collection of duets featuring R&B stars paired with country stars is one of the most beloved albums in their music libraries.

8. 1st Family Of Southern Soul: Vol. 1 (Hep'Me, 2006)

The first cut sets the tone with the incomparable, deep-masculine-voiced intro (don't know who it is) to Miz. B's "My Name Is $$$," reminding us of the idiosyncratic but pivotal niche occupied by producer Senator Jones in contemporary Southern Soul. Songs by Little Kim Stewart, Robert Hill, Willis Pugh, Alfreida Upshaw, The Love Doctor, Sorrento Ussery, Monique Ford and more.

9. The Kings & Queens Of Ace (Ace, 1997)

This crucial nineties sampler memorializes many of the great early stars of contemporary soul not to be found anywhere else: Ronnie Lovejoy, Pat Brown, Cynthia Walker (before she became Big Cynthia), Lee Fields, Billy "Soul" Bonds, X. Parker (later X-Man), Bobby Jonz and more.

10. 21st Century Blues (Ecko, 2008)

Can't forget Ecko Records out of Memphis. It seems to me that producer John Ward used to have an X-rated sampler that I could no longer find (not the latest "Sex-Rated" sampler) and that otherwise would have made this list. 21st Century Blues, however, is a fine new introduction to a number of Southern Soul artists: Ronnie Lovejoy, Luther Lackey, Lee "Shot" Williams, Sterling Williams, Carl Sims, Toni Green, Barbara Carr, Kenne' Wayne, Charles Wilson, Ms. Jody and more.

11. Southern Soul Radio (Malaco, 2007)

Very good new assortment of Southern Soul from Malaco Records in Jackson. Covers a wide range of artists not included elsewhere, with an emphasis on the last few years. So you get Willie Clayton's "Going Crazy," Billy "Soul" Bonds' "Scat Cat," T. K. Soul's "Cheatin' & Lying," Mel Waiters' "Friday Night Fish Fry," Larome Powers' "Shake & Shimmy," Chuck Strong's "Rock That Man In The Boat," Shirley Brown's "Sleep With One Eye Open" and many more.

12. A Southern Soul Party: Sir Charles Jones & Friends (Hep'Me, 2004)

This sampler cemented Sir Charles Jones' Sinatra-like reputation for delivering his own "rat-pack" of entertainers for the Southern Soul audience. Must-hears are his own "The Letter (Guilty)," Wilton Lombard's "It's A Cruel World," Sorrento Ussery's "Put That Thang In Motion," Robert Hill's "Somebody Lied On Me" and The Love Doctor's "There's No One Like Mama."

--Daddy B. Nice


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Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 Souther Soul Singles


(Scroll down for DBN Top 10 Singles Monthly Charts for all of 2007.)

1. "Please, Let Me In"-----------Theodis Ealey

With the exception of Prince, no black singer/songwriter since Jimi has been this comfortable with an electric guitar.

2. "I'm Just A Fool (Part 2)"------------J. Blackfoot w/ Sir Charles Jones

A marriage of two songs ("I'm Just A Fool For You" and "Is Anybody Lonely") made in Soul Heaven. Ironic, when you think about it, though. The most potent nostalgia comes not from the older man's material, which you would expect, but the younger man's classic, "Is Anybody Lonely."

3. "Good Lovin' Will Make U Cry" (Remix) ------------Bigg Robb w/ Carl Marshall

For a guy whose first foray into chitlin' circuit R&B a few years ago was quite frankly a chainsaw-funk-massacre of Mel Waiter's "Hole In The Wall," Bigg Robb sure got his Southern Soul baccalaureate in record time.

With "Good Lovin' (Bigg Robb Remix)," for the first time ever, the technical edge and clarity of hiphop and funk were fused seamlessly and naturally with Southern Soul (Carl Marshall's contemporary classic), serving notice that a new and masterful Southern Soul producer had come of age.

4. "Your Dog's About To Kill My Cat"-----------------Ms. Jody

Few women can make a career in Southern Soul, but coming after last year's "I Never Take A Day Off," Ms. Jody's gutsy but delicate performance on "Your Dog's About To Kill My Cat" insured that there would be no sophomore slump.

The bizarre string-section instrumentation (producer John Ward's work?) was a master-stroke. It made the record.

5. "Thank You Girl"--------------------Big G

Chico's Radio championed Big G's mesmerizing "Thank You, Girl" and the rest of G's under-exposed catalog in 2007, bringing a measure of fame to the specialist in rough-hewn vocals and meticulously-textured rhythm sections.

6. "Work Yo Body"---------------------------------Mr. Sam

Best heart-pumping, pulsating bass line of the year, but the jury is still out on whether this wispy-voiced singer/songwriter is better suited to producing or performing.

Then again, it wasn't so many years ago your Daddy B. Nice was saying the same thing about another reedy-voiced tenor. His name is T. K. Soul, currently promoting gigs as the "King of Southern Soul."

7. "You Got Me Where You Want Me" -----------El' Willie

Once again Senator Jones beat the bushes to find a mature artist in full Southern Soul flower. El' Willie's stylings on Dance With Me represented a quantum leap over his too laid-back El' Over Easy debut.

The song to take to your desert island get-away and play for your gal whenever the time is right.

8. "Mississippi Woman"-----------Denise LaSalle

"Mississippi Woman" memorialized the great and durable Denise LaSalle singing the hell out of a little Floyd Hamberlin tune that nobody much wanted at first except the fans.

Along with Ms. Jody's "Your Dog," it constituted an artistic, one-two sucker-punch statement from Ecko to its detractors that the label could too be innovative and cutting-edge.

9. "Up In Here"------------------Bobby Rush

The "caboose" from the Night Fishin' album turned out to be "the little engine that could" in 2007.

Produced as if it were recorded at the bottom of a mineshaft, with reverberations dissipating through underground passages and sapping the song's overall energy, "Up In Here" still boasted Rush at his peak, a grizzled old king speaking in "tongues"--more than the greatest surviving blues singer: a veritable vocal charismatic.

10. "A Little Bit More"------------Willie Clayton

Just another exercise in mid-tempo (is there any other tempo?) Southern Soul music for Willie. He could knock off a couple of these on a good day.

His Gifted CD had the most radio hits of any Southern Soul CD of the year, making him the winner of the "best album for the money" award.

11. "Dedicated To The One I Love"-----------------Wilson Meadows

One of the most beguiling of the girl-group anthems of the early sixties, "Dedicated" was transformed by the under-appreciated Meadows into a tightly-focused, acapella-like showcase on an album full of well-written material, reminding us that before there was a T. K. Soul or a Southern Soul version of Lenny Williams, there was Wilson Meadow's gracefully-aging Tennessee tenor.

12. "Careful Woman" / "Don't Scratch My Back"----Walter Waiters

In a relatively fallow year for Mel Waiters, his cousin Walter filled the breach, with DJ Chico pushing "Careful Woman" and a half-dozen other (it sometimes seemed) Walter Waiters tunes based on the same hooky groove, "Don't Scratch My Back" being only the most obvious. That's okay, Walter. Most aspiring artists never even discover their signature groove.

13. "Thank You Mamma"---------------------------L. J. Echols

"Mel Waiters got a song about 'Big Mamma' / But L. J. wrote a song about 'thank you, Mamma.'" Who could resist a song that started like this, especially in light of the fact that it fulfills its promise to stay humble, light and danceable?

14. "Try Me" ---------------------T. K. Soul

Only time will tell which style prevails, but "Try Me" certainly qualified as the sober "sleeper"--the traditional Southern Soul song and approach--on an album (Undisputed) otherwise founded on ground-breaking, audience-pleasing flash and flamboyance.

15. "Somebody Else"-------------------Lenny Williams

Secular "testimony" as impassioned as anything to be witnessed in church. If the keyboards oozed any more atmosphere, Lenny and the band would be lost in the fog, but Lenny stands Clint Eastwood-straight, wringing every last bit of emotion from this tale of the redeeming powers of revenge.

16. "Mike's Place"-----------------Sweet Angel

The reincarnation of Della Reese, with all the latent vocal power that suggests. This simple rock-and-roll song reined in the Memphis diva's considerable vocal talents, which was a good thing.

"In the middle of hard times / In Memphis, Tennessee."

17. "All My Money's Gone"---------------------O. B. Buchana w/ Luther Lackey

It's an eye-opener--and genuine fun--to listen to Buchana sing against a different-style arrangement for a change, one which highlights his vocal chops to spectacular effect.

18. "You Make Me Happy"--------Nathaniel Kimble

This song by the always-getting-lost-in-the-crowd Kimble gets the Stan Mosley "Rock Me (Until I Cannot Stand This Rocking Any More)" award for the humility, tenderness and love of the simple pleasures shining through its every syllable.

19. "Can We Go There" by Ms. Nicole Jackson

Speaking of reincarnations, here's a song reminiscent of the unforgettable "I Wanna Tear Your Playhouse Down." Like the Ann Peebles classic, it's a sweet and delectable groove done with perfect vocal poise.

The one song a gal would want to take to a desert island to get her guy primed.

20. "Red House" (Extended Version) by Uncle Wayne

If you can get past the twanging, Stevie-Wonder-during-his-synth-phase keyboard piano--and you might not for a couple of listenings--you are in for the treat of the year: a young artist with an original vision in the first heady blush of artistic success.

21. 2. "I Thought She Was @ Home"---------Problem Solvas w/ Bigg Robb

"And I never thought she would do to me,
What I thought I would never do to her."

Act One--Bigg Robb's prologue--to the triumphant remix of "Good Loving" that would come later in the year. By the way, does anyone today do a better monologue?

22. "The Itch" ---------Keb' Mo'

There's a "sweet angel" on this record, too, but this sweet little thing is giving Keb' Mo' the "itch." At one point in the summer of 2007 it seemed to become the American Blues Network's theme song, and deservedly so.

When Southern Soul insiders bemoan "cheesy" production values, they wish all Southern Soul records sounded as good as "The Itch."

23. "I Need To See You"-------------------------J. T. Watkins

This song isn't perfect (it'd be interesting to hear a slower version), but it boasts the unique and considerable vocal gifts of Jackson-based Watkins. Like so many current Southern Soul singers, J. T. needs a massive infusion of fresh, non-derivative material.

24. "Friday Night Fish Fry" ------------------------Mel Waiters

One of those good-timey, nostalgia-inducing numbers we've come to expect from Mel Waiters on an annual basis.

25. "I Fell In Love With You (At The Barbeque)"-----------Cupid

Is it hiphop or is it Southern Soul? Is Cupid riding Southern Soul's coat-tails, or is Southern Soul riding Cupid's coat-tails? It's all so confusing for the Louisiana "phenom" and the Southern Soul fans who like to "cupid shuffle."

"I Fell In Love With You" is the overlooked classic from the first album, and a song that shows the true Southern Soul side of the artist.


Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 Breaking Southern Soul Singles:---------December 2007

1. Somebody's Cuttin' My Cake (Ecko Reissue)------------David Brinston

Bargain-Priced Somebody's Cuttin' My Cake CD

2. "A Woman Knows"------------------------Willie Clayton

Bargain-Priced My Tyme CD

3. Ride It Like A Pony--------------Snatch Nelson

Bargain-Priced Ride It Like A Pony CD

4. "Loneliness Inside Me"------------------O. T. Sykes

5. "Why Are You That Way"----------Jimmy Taylor

6. "Breakin' Me Down"---------------Vick Allen

Bargain-Priced Baby Come Back Home CD

7. "Where Has The Love Gone" ------------B. Dupree

Bargain-Priced Down South Music CD

8. "If You Catch Me Sleepin'"------------Floyd Taylor

Bargain-Priced You Still Got It CD

9. "Now That We're Talking"------------Jimmy Taylor

10. "Slip Away For Christmas"--------The Love Doctor

Still Can't Get Enough Of. . .

"Too Much Lickin'"------------Jacquel
"Too Much Lickin' (2007 ReIssue & Remix)

"Shake What You Got" -------------Coco

Bargain-Priced All Of Me CD

"Morning Rain"-------------La Keisha

***************** - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide


Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 Breaking Southern Soul Singles: November 2007

1. "Good Lovin' Will Make U Cry" (Remix)------------Bigg Robb w/ Carl Marshall
Bargain-Priced Blues, Soul & Old School CD

2. "I'll Take Care Of You"----------------Sterling Harrison (Posthumous)

3. "Grown And Sexy"------------------Da Problem Solvas w/ Sir Charles Jones
Bargain-Priced Blues, Soul & Old School CD

4. "I Like This Place"------------------------------ Carl Sims
Bargain-Priced Can't Stop Me CD

5. Take Everything In------------------------Angie Stone
Bargain-Priced The Art Of Love And War CD

6. "I Fooled You This Time" -------------------------Patrick Harris
Bargain-Priced Long Time Comin' CD

7. "Say Yes"--------------------------------------------Cupid
Bargain-Priced Time For A Change CD

8. "She Didn't Have To Hurt Ya Boy Like That"------------------Wendell B
Bargain-Priced Save A Little Room For Me CD

9. "Down South Shuffle" ------------------------R-3 w/ Onyx Amiira
Bargain-Priced Bigg Robb's Blues, Soul & Old School CD

10. "After Party"-------------------------------David Brinston
Bargain-Priced Here I Go Again CD

Still Can't Get Enough Of. . .

"Same Old Bullshit"----------------------------------Lady J

"Plumber Man" -----------------------------------Charles Wilson
Bargain-Priced The After Party CD

"Try Me" --------------------------------------------T. K. Soul
Bargain-Priced Undisputed: The Album CD"


Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 Singles: October 2007

1. "Red House"-----------------------------Uncle Wayne

2. "Thank You Mamma"---------------------L. J. Echols

3. "You Got Me Where You Want Me" (Re-Entry)-----------------El' Willie
Bargain-Priced Dance With Me CD

4. "My Give A Damn Gave Out"-------------Latimore
Bargain-Priced Back 'Atcha CD

5. "The Rabbit Got The Gun"-----------Walt Love

6. "Crazy Kind Of Love"----------------El' Willie
Bargain-Priced Dance With Me CD

7. "Southern Soul Slide" ------------Little Kim Stewart
Bargain-Priced Southern Soul Slide CD

8. "Red Cadillac"------------------------------Uncle Wayne

9. "Too Many Women" -------------------------------David Brinston
Bargain-Priced Here I Go Again CD

10. "Do Yo Dance" -------------------------Cupid w/ Cristal
Bargain-Priced Time For A Change CD

Still Can't Get Enough Of. . .

"Since You've Been Gone"------------------Mr. Sam
Bargain Priced Lookin 4 Love CD

"Friends Don't" ----------------------The Duchess
Bargain-Priced It's My Time Now CD

"For Your Love" -----------Sir Charles Jones


Daddy B. Nice's Top 10 Singles: September 2007

1. "I Fell In Love With You (At The Barbeque)"----------- Cupid

2. "#1 Fan" ---------------------T. K. Soul

3. "She's Holding Back" ---------------------------- Willie Clayton

4. "All My Money's Gone"------------- O. B. Buchana w/ Luther Lackey
Bargain-Priced Goin' Back HomeCD

5. "Dog Kinda Love" (Simeo Remix)------------ Dickie Williams w/ Ken Massey
Bargain-Priced I'm Back Again CD

6. "Older Woman" -------------------- Pat Cooley
Bargain-Priced Blues, Soul And Old School CD

7. "Do What It Takes" -------------------------- Walter Waiters

8. "Get Me Weak" ------------------------------------------ Vickie Baker

9. "The Shadow Knows"-------------------- Fred Bolton

10. "You Walked Out"-------------- Ghetto Cowboy

Still Can't Get Enough Of. . .

"Mr. Love"------------------ Walt Love

"One Pay Check (From Being In Debt)"------------ Patrick Green

"Moan" ----------------------------- Patrick Harris


Daddy B. Nice's Top 10: August 2007

1. "Dirty South Steppin'" ----------------------------Mr. Sam

2. "Work Yo Body"---------------------------------Mr. Sam

3. "Zydefunk Slide" ---------------------------------Lil' Fallay

4. "Block Party" ("On Brdwy" sample)-------Chuck Brown

5. "Respect"--------------------------------Huriah Boynton

6. "Lookin' For A New Love Tonight" -----Z. Z. Hill, Jr.
Bargain-Priced Goin' To Mississippi CD

7. "Will You Marry Me"----------------------------El' Willie

8. "Someone Else's Bed"--------------------------- Mashaa

9. "By Your Side" ------------------------------Aaron Young
Bargain-Priced They Call Me A.Y. CD

10. "When I'm Gone"----------------------------Rosie Ledet

Still Can't Get Enough Of. . .

"I Ain't Never Been Down Like That"------ Wendell B.
Bargain-Priced Good Times CD

"Angel"---------------Ric E. Bluez

"Two Different People"------------------------J. Blackfoot w/ Ann Hines


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Daddy B. Nice's Top 10: July 2007

1. "You Got Me Where You Want Me" -----------El' Willie

2. "Woman Crazy"--------------------------Da Twinkie Man

3. "Like Gumbo"---------------------------------------------Alvin

4. "I'd Rather Go Blind"----------------------------------Big G
Bargain-priced Simply Me CD

5. "That's My Shugga Daddy"-----------------------Jewel J
Bargain-Priced That's My Shugga Daddy CD

6. "(This Ain't For) Money Or Fame"------------Aaron Young
Bargain-Priced They Call Me A.Y. CD

7. "Find Yourself Another Girl"--------------J. T. Watkins
Bargain-Priced Why Not Tonight Girl CD

8. "Can We Go There"-----------------------Nicole Jackson

9. "Somebody's Getting It"-------------------Earl Duke
Bargain-priced Somebody's Getting It CD

10. "Baby Come Back Home"--------------------Vick Allen

Still Can't Get Enough Of. . .

"Check Yourself"------------------------------Charles Wilson

"Two Sides To Love"------------------------------------Mr. Zay

"I Got The Right One"----------------------Wilson Meadows
Bargain-priced Love Bomb CD


Daddy B. Nice's Top 10: June 2007

1. "I Need To See You"----------------J. T. Watkins

2. "Mike's Place"-------Sweet Angel

3. "Scat Cat Here Kitty Kitty" -------Barbara Carr
Bargain-Priced It's My Time CD

4. "Woman Crazy"------------------Da Twinkie Man

5. "Can We Go There"----------Nicole Jackson

6. "Friday (Remix)"-------------Sir Charles Jones

7. "Mississippi Woman"-----------Denise LaSalle
Bargain-Priced Pay Before You Pump CD

8. "Since I Fell For You"-------Swamp Dogg

9. "Doin' My Job"-------------------The Duchess

10. A Tie Between. . .

"1-800"----------Big G

And. . .

"Since I Lost You Baby"------Simone De

Still Can't Get Enough Of. . .

"If I Could Do It All Over"---------------Donnie Ray
Bargain-Priced Smooth Operator CD

"The Letter (Guilty)"------------------Sir Charles Jones

"Keep On Steppin' (Steppers' Mix)"-----Da Problem Solvas


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Daddy B. Nice's Top 10: May 2007

1. "Mississippi Woman"-----------Denise LaSalle

2. "Mike's Place"-------Sweet Angel

3. "A Little Bit More"------------Willie Clayton

4. "It's Okay"---------------------Steve Perry

5. "Save Your Breath"--------------Bertha Payne

6. "Watch Over Me"--------------------J. T. Watkins (Sample Track #5)

7. "Party On Da Weekend"---------Kenne' Wayne

8. "Baby Mama Drama"---------------Billy Ray Charles

9. "I Need Some Money"---------------Swamp Dogg

10. "Mama's Song"-------------------Bigg Robb

Still Can't Get Enough Of. . .

"Chinese Shuffle"-------------------Artie "Blues Boy" White
Bargain-Priced Package Deal CD

"Blues In My Blood"----------------Gregg A. Smith

"If You Make One Step"-------------------Bobby Rush


Daddy B. Nice's Top 10: April 2007

1. "If I Could Do It All Over"---------------Donnie Ray

2. "I Thought She Was At Home"---------Bigg Robb

3. "Don't Put Me Down"------------------Robert Hill

4. "Mike's Place" ------------------Sweet Angel

5. "She's Gone"------------------------Wilson Meadows

6. "I'm Just A Fool For You"------------J. Blackfoot w/ Sir Charles Jones

7. "Pop That Middle"-----------------------Theodis Ealey
Bargain Priced: I'm The Man You Need CD

8. "Player Haters"--------------------T. J. Hooker Taylor

9. "Bootie-mitized"-----------------Teddy Bear

10. "Borrowed Time"------------------Keri

Still Can't Get Enough Of. . .

"Dedicated To The One I Love"-----------------Wilson Meadows

"If The Shoe Was On The Other Foot"---------------Kenne' Wayne

"You've Got A Booger Bear Under There"---------------Sterling Williams


Daddy B. Nice's Top 10: March 2007

1. "Dedicated To The One I Love"---------------Wilson Meadows w/ Theodis Ealey
"Bargain Priced: Love Bomb CD

"Careful Woman/Don't Scratch My Back"----Walter Waiters

3. "Door Knob"-----------------Patrick Green

4. "The Twist"------------------Jacquel

5. "Please Let Me In"-----------Theodis Ealey
Bargain-priced: I'm The Man You Need CD

6. "Sneaking Around"------------Betty Padgett
Bargain Priced: Never Coming Home CD

"Thank You Girl"--------------------Big G

8. "What You Do In The Street"-------------Robert Hill

9. "Let Me Be Your Man"---------Jimmy Taylor

10. "That's The Way Of The World"---------Pat Boone w/ Earth, Wind & Fire

Still Can't Get Enough Of. . .

One Way Love----------------Ms. Jody w/ O. B. Buchana

"I'm A Girl Watcher"--------------Beau Jocque

"How Do You Stop"---------------James Brown


Daddy B. Nice's Top 10: February 2007
1. "Thank You Girl"--------------------Big G

2. "Please Let Me In"-----------Theodis Ealey
Bargain Priced: I'm The Man You Need CD

3. "Life On The Line" (00) -------- Tina Diamond w/ Reggie P.

4. "Somebody Else" -------- Lenny Williams

5. "Midnight Call"-------------------Lou Pride

6. Bigg Man Love" ("Good Love" sample) ------------- Bigg Robb

7. "The Itch" --------- Keb' Mo'

8. "Beautiful"--------------Willie Clayton
Bargain Priced: Gifted CD

9. "My Baby Be Dropping It Like It's Hot" ---------------Lil' Jimmie

10. "Come On Home"------------Lebrado

Still Can't Get Enough Of. . .

"Everything Is Gonna Be Alright"--------The Winstons

"I'm Not Ready"--------------Arthur Foy

"You Should Never Leave Your Woman Alone"--------Robert "The Juice" Lenoir


Daddy B. Nice's Top 10
December 2006/ January 2007

1. "Your Dog's About To Kill My Cat"-----------Ms. Jody
Bargain Priced: What You Gonna Do When the Rent Is Due CD

2. "I'm Not Going Nowhere"-----------Lil' Jimmie

3. "Let Me Be Your Man"----------Jimmy Taylor

4. "You Make Me Happy"--------Nathaniel Kimble

5. "Girls In Tha Hood"---------------Jerry L.

6. "I Be Missing You"--------Lenny Williams

7. "Jody's Creepin'"---------------Mr. David

8. "Too Much Man To Cry" ------------Dee Bradley
Bargain Priced: The Candy Man CD

9. "At The End Of The Day"---------Lee Fields

10. "Give Me A Chance (Early Bird Catches The Worm)"-----------------------Omar Cunningham
Bargain-Priced Worth The Wait CD

Still Can't Get Enough Of. . .

"Up In Here"---------------------Bobby Rush
Bargain-Priced Night Fishin' CD

"Mr. Do Right" ----Ms. Monique w/ Millie Jackson

"Zydeco Dance"-----------------------Jackie Neal

********************** - Chitlin' Circuit Southern Soul Music Guide


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